Chronicles of coronavirus in the Tver region: the main thing by August 9

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The incidence of coronavirus in the Tver region is slowly keeping in the same numbers. So, as of August 8, 27 residents of the region caught covid, three died. It is also known that 13 more people recovered and were discharged from hospitals.

The regional government has also published a map of the spread of coronavirus – in which districts and cities new infected were found, read here.

Let us recall the general figures: for the entire period of the spread of covid in the Tver region, 4,818 residents were infected with it, at the moment 3,923 patients have fully recovered and were discharged from hospitals. 156 people died.

But enough about the illness: on Saturday it became known that the traffic police inspector had helped a little boy with a fracture – the father was carrying his son in his arms in the hope of catching a ride. The traffic inspector took the child to the Maksatikhinskaya Central Regional Hospital, and later the boy’s father began to look for a policeman to thank him. Today it became known who it was.

Also in Tver – we note that in compliance with all sanitary measures – the Day of the Athlete was held. You can recall the program here.

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