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A web agency is a service provider that encompasses all trades related to the Internet. The development is its core business but it now plays a transversal role for the entire digital marketing. As a business manager or communications manager, choosing a web agency suited to your project may seem difficult. However, an informed decision can bring real added value to your business.

Let us say it: your point of view is necessarily subjective.

However, we wanted to bring together our best advice and explain how to choose the web agency that will allow you to make the most of your website and your social networks.

List your needs and objectives

The first step in choosing your web agency is to establish a specification. This preliminary research helps you determine all the criteria to consider. List the key elements that guide your research and support your decision-making. Developing a business website is a budget that can be significant. It is therefore a project which must be based on precise objectives, justifying the resources committed. At least ask yourself the following questions. Even if you don’t have all the technical skills to answer it, it will greatly simplify the selection of the right provider.

What are your constraints? The design of a new tool may depend on technology already in use in-house. Your future website may require integration with your CRM. You might have a timeline, like an event or a new product line to market. In this case, you need a site up and running on a specific date. All these elements should be taken into account and indicated to the agencies that you are going to canvass.

What features do you need? Not all online marketing tools meet the same needs. What type of website is right for your business? A showcase site, e-commerce, or a platform with a large number of user accounts? There is a set of features for each need. You can contact the online marketing agentur nürnberg for the best services.

What are your goals? Your online presence may aim to sell directly and therefore increase your turnover. On the contrary, it may have the main purpose of building a customer database or developing a community. Your business is probably basing its actions on a well-thought-out marketing strategy. The creation of your digital tools must be an integral part of it.

What is your budget? You probably don’t know how much the exact website or web application of your dreams costs. However, determine in advance the amount you can allocate to the project, you can always refine it once the first quotes are received. Don’t forget to factor design and development into this ideal rate.

In any case, see the long term and leave the door open to the development of your business. Your website must be efficient when you create it. It must also be able to keep up with your changing needs. If you plan to develop new products or services for the long term, mention it before you even move to the design phase. This will avoid a long and costly overhaul

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