China hopes to end provocations by the US and North Korea

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China expects the United States and North Korea to refrain from confrontation and provocations. This was announced on Monday, May 3, during a press conference by the permanent representative of the People’s Republic of China to the UN Zhang Jun. A recording of the speech was posted on the Organization’s YouTube page.

“Based on what we have seen over the past two years, we truly believe that diplomatic efforts are the right direction. And we also hope that both sides will refrain from provocative and confrontational actions and will continue to make more efforts, resuming dialogue and continuing to search for a solution (problem – Ed.), ”He said.

In addition, according to the permanent representative, the Chinese side has yet to study the review of US policy towards the DPRK, which Washington recently completed. He also expressed the hope that the review focuses more on diplomatic efforts and dialogue, rather than maximum pressure on North Korea.

Also, Beijing, according to Zhang Jun, hopes that the American review pays equal attention to both the nuclear issue and the problem of peace and security on the Korean Peninsula.

“Without a proper solution to the problem of security and peace, we do not have a suitable atmosphere for our efforts, for denuclearization,” he stressed.

According to China’s position, which the Permanent Representative recalled, in the implementation of the UN Security Council sanctions against the DPRK, the Security Council should also pay attention to adjusting and lifting restrictive measures that impede humanitarian access to North Korea and make the people suffer.

Earlier in the day, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken expressed hope that Pyongyang would engage in diplomatic engagement with Washington as the US is focused on diplomacy.

It became known yesterday that the United States is ready for diplomatic cooperation with the DPRK in order to achieve the denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula. Jake Sullivan, US Assistant to the President for National Security, said the United States believes in a “calibrated, practical and balanced approach” that can ensure progress on the DPRK and Iranian nuclear programs.

Also on May 2, the director of the North American Department of the DPRK Foreign Ministry, Kwon Jong Geun, said that the US presidential administration intends to continue its hostile policy towards Pyongyang. Because of this, the North Korean authorities will be forced to take action. According to him, Biden’s statement clearly reflects the negative attitude towards the DPRK.

On April 30, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki announced that the United States has developed a new approach to the DPRK, abandoning the ideas of “strategic patience” and a major deal with Pyongyang, which were operated by previous American administrations.