The doctor spoke about the correct alignment of sleep in the May holidays

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The lengthy May holidays will allow many Russians with sleep deprivation to recover. This was stated by the doctor-somnologist, candidate of medical sciences, associate professor of the Department of Nervous Diseases and Neurosurgery of the First Moscow State Medical University named after I.M.Sechenov Mikhail Poluektov.

“In a situation with long May holidays, people will be able to disrupt their regime. They will sleep and get up later than they used to. This can be seen as a positive health phenomenon. People will finally be able to compensate for the lack of sleep that occurs in working people,” he said on the air of radio Sputnik.

At the same time, the doctor recommended not to turn off the alarms on holidays in order to get up at about the same time – this will help to get back to the working rhythm easier.

“A person will experience discomfort when he has to sleep less again. In the early days, this can affect productivity, attention and the chance to make mistakes. But usually such a lack of sleep will be leveled on the third day and will not make any difference. Such changes in the regime do not lead to long-term consequences for human health, “added Poluektov.

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