China: green light for clinical trials for inhaled vaccine

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Beijing has approved the start of clinical trials for a COVID-19 inhalation vaccine co-developed by Chinese company CanSino Biologics, the company said in a statement on Tuesday.

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Five vaccines have already received conditional marketing authorization or emergency use authorization in China, but none administered by inhalation.

In particular, the National Medicines Administration gave its conditional green light last month to another vaccine from CanSino, paving the way for its public use.

The inhalation vaccine was developed jointly with the Beijing Institute of Biotechnology, CanSino said in documents filed with the Hong Kong Stock Exchange, adding that its clinical trial application was given the green light on Monday.

But the safety and effectiveness of the vaccine remain “subject to confirmation” during trials, she warned.

As of March 20, China had administered 74.96 million doses of COVID-19 vaccines, according to the Our world in data analysis site.

China is on the verge of easing entry restrictions on its territory for nationals of certain countries, including the United States, provided they have received a Chinese vaccine.

On Tuesday, a Chinese foreign ministry official said he was in “close communication” with several countries and “willing to enter into mutually beneficial agreements” to facilitate cross-border travel.

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