Chelyabinsk authorities promised to solve the problem of antibiotic shortage

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There is indeed a shortage of antibiotics in the Chelyabinsk region, but this problem will soon be resolved, said on Monday, October 19, the first deputy governor of the region Irina Gekht.

“Medicines are actually a problem, especially antibiotics. And today our representatives flew to Moscow, and 7 thousand doses of Arbidol were shipped to the pharmacy network of the Regional Pharmacy Warehouse. In the near future, antibiotics will appear: these are 17 thousand packages of azithromycin and 7 thousand packages of drugs that were introduced in the certification process, this is the receipt of labeling, “RIA Novosti reports.

Gecht noted that due to certification, drug supply interruptions occurred in more than one region. She stressed that representatives of the Chelyabinsk region are taking all possible consignments of antibiotics from Moscow. She added that meetings with representatives of commercial pharmacies about the lack of antibiotics are scheduled for October 20.

Gecht said that the regional authorities of the region will try to make sure that there are no problems with antibiotics in the Chelyabinsk region pharmacies. According to the deputy governor, in case of need, antibiotics will be given in polyclinics free of charge from their stocks.

Hecht added that there are no problems with drugs for the treatment of coronavirus infection in hospitals in the region.

Earlier, the endocrinologist said which foods are best not to eat while taking antibiotics. You do not need to eat sweet fruits like bananas, hard-to-digest foods: fatty, fried, salty and pickled foods, sausages, smoked meats, mayonnaise and other sauces, as well as natural fruit and berry juices; it is worth stopping the consumption of onions and garlic.

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