Cancer was noticed in Kostroma on the banks of the Volga. Nature is so purified that …

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The social networks of Kostroma are now actively discussing the message of one of the users that he found a crayfish on the banks of the Volga. One.

On the one hand, the event is not God knows what, but on the other, everyone knows that crayfish do not live in dirty water; if they reappeared in the Volga, it means that our business is not bad in the ecological sense, and news about them can begin with the now classic adage: “nature has become so cleansed that …” … the crayfish began to return to the Volga.

One problem is that the grounds for optimism are still very shaky: just as one swallow does not make spring, a single crayfish does not testify to the purity of the river.

Although who knows him, an arthropod …

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