Burma: Beijing calls not to “complicate the situation”

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Beijing | China on Tuesday called on the international community not to “further complicate the situation” in Burma, before an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council where sanctions against this country could be discussed, in the aftermath of the coup. State of the military.

Beijing, which has important strategic and economic interests in its southern neighbor, is traditionally hostile to “interference” in the internal affairs of states and to international sanctions.

After calling on the parties on Monday to “settle their dispute” within a legal and constitutional framework, the Chinese Foreign Ministry pleaded on Tuesday for the international community “to contribute to political and social stability” in Burma.

While the UN Security Council is due to hold an emergency meeting on the situation in Burma during the day, ministry spokesman Wang Wenbin called for “to avoid escalating the conflict and further complicating the situation. the situation”.

US President Joe Biden on Monday threatened to restore sanctions against Burma, after the military seized power and the arrest of the country’s main civilian leaders, including Nobel Peace Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi.

In China, the media, controlled by the ruling Communist Party, competed on Tuesday in euphemisms to discuss the situation in the neighboring country, carefully avoiding using the term “coup”.

The new China agency spoke of “a major cabinet reshuffle” about the replacement of civilian ministers by military.

Quoting “experts”, the English-language daily “Global Times” described the army’s seizure of power “as an adjustment to the unbalanced power structure”.

Always quick to criticize the United States, the nationalist daily blamed the behavior of the Burmese military … on former US President Donald Trump.

“By refusing to admit his electoral defeat and by apparently encouraging riots on Capitol Hill, Trump may have served as an example to the Burmese military,” writes the “Global Times”.

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