Box Mod Versus Disposable Vape Device – What Are They and Which Is Better?

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Vaping is becoming much more popular than smoking cigarettes.

There are many different shapes, sizes, styles, and types of vape devices at the vape shop.

Knowing which one is better for you can seem overwhelming.

Today we will debate on whether a box mod — with ultimate control — or a disposable vape device is better.

Disposable devices

A disposable vape device is a simple device, take it out of the package and use it — no setup needed.

These devices do not require any knowledge of temperature, power, or ohm settings.

There are many colours, styles, sizes, and even designs available.

The disposable vape device is an easy pick for a person new to vaping, since they typically run on a sensor system for drawing.

Disposable vape devices work by using a storage tank for e-juice, a sensor, a coil, a battery, a heating element, and a mouthpiece to inhale from.

The sensor detects you inhaling, activates the battery which operates the heating element, and heats the e-juice that fills the coils from the tank.

Box mod devices

Box Mod vapes are for the more advanced vaper.

They are typically box shaped refillable vape devices that are completely customisable.

Designed to fit in your hand and be compact, these vape devices have tons of functionality.

A box mod consists of many parts that can be replaced — mouthpiece, tank, coil, airflow ring, mod, smart chip, and battery.

Most box mods have a digital screen displaying the information you need to know like power level, voltage levels, temperature, battery level, and OHM values.

You can adjust all the settings to make your draw smoother, the flavour more enhanced, and larger or smaller vapour clouds.

You can find box mods in various colours, designs, shapes, and sizes.

When it comes to box mods, there are two choices — regulated or unregulated.

Unregulated devices allow you to control almost every aspect of the device, whereas regulated allows you to control only some of the settings.

How do they compare?

Which one is better, box mod or disposable?

The answer depends on your knowledge and experience, your desire to customise the settings, and personal opinion.

Generally speaking, a disposable vape device is better for people new to vaping — it gives you the time to experiment with flavours and get used to the process of vaping.

A box mod is great if you have more experience with vaping and can understand what all the settings do.

Box mods tend to have a better battery life than a disposable vape as well.

With the amount of different vaping devices on the market, making a choice between a disposable vape and a mod box can be overwhelming.

If you want utter control over every aspect of your experience, you may enjoy a mod box.

On the other hand, if you want to rock different shapes, sizes, or colours, you may want a disposable device.

Your local speciality vape shop has all the vape devices, parts and accessories you need, whether you want out of the package use or a customisable device.

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