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Speed plays a vital role in determining the performance of a website. If your website loads slowly, it is more likely that your website will lose both clients and rankings. In order to retain your customers and rank in search engines, you need a hosting solution that offers unbeatable speed.

Usually, people living in India start with Shared Hosting. This is because a shared server provides the most economical solution. No doubt, it is best for you till your site is new and has low content updated. But once you start flourishing more content and applications on your website, you need an upgraded version of shared hosting.

This is where VPS India comes into play. VPS not only serves you with more better resources than shared hosting but an equivalent luxury experience of Dedicated Hosting.

This article will further discuss why VPS Server is best over hosting types and what advantages you can deploy for your website having a VPS server India.

Why Choose VPS Server India over other Hosting Types?

Basically, there are 3 types of web hosting such as Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting. In order to understand why VPS India is better than the other two options, let’s first understand what Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting are.

Shared Hosting

Shared Hosting refers to web hosting where multiple websites rely on one server for securing their important files and data online. With this type of hosting, a user must share all the resources (RAM, CPU, BANDWIDTH, STORAGE) with their neighbors. This not hampers their website speed but equally impacts their website’s performance. Due to its cheapest price, it is a more preferred option for many website owners. But compromising on security may prevent many business owners from obtaining it.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting refers to web hosting where like shared hosting, many websites share the same web server. But with VPS, a user gets a dedicated private space and resources to host their website in an independent environment. Thanks to hypervisor technology which divides a VPS into many virtual private servers to accommodate each user with private resources (RAM, CPU, BANDWIDTH, STORAGE) and space.

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated hosting refers to web hosting where a user gets one whole physical server exclusively to host his/her own websites only. With a Dedicated server, you have no neighbors means no sharing of resources, no security breach, and complete privacy. However, it is the most expensive hosting type, which only big business owners could afford. Small to medium websites could not only maintain it but couldn’t afford it as well.

Reasons to choose VPS Hosting India over Shared server and Dedicated hosting.

  • VPS is a mid-way of Shared Hosting and Dedicated Hosting. However, if you want better resources than shared hosting and dedicated resources and space like a dedicated server, then VPS India is the best choice to make.
  • Unlike shared hosting, VPS Hosting gives root access. With root access, you can install any application and software to optimize the speed and performance of your website.
  • When we talk about price, VPS Hosting is a much more affordable option than dedicated hosting. At a minimum cost, it offers almost all benefits of a dedicated server.
  • Unlike Shared Hosting, VPS Hosting offers you a choice of operating system ( Linux/Windows). Though, this same is available with a dedicated server as well but at a higher price. So, choosing VPS India will be a sane decision.
  • With VPS Hosting, you can customize your resources as per your website’s requirements which is not possible in shared hosting. This customization policy not only saves your money but resources as well.

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Advantages of deploying India VPS Hosting

VPS India

After reading the definition and reasons to choose VPS India, now it’s time to understand its advantages. Though there are a lot of advantages, here I will share only the important ones.

– Ultra-fast Speed and Performance

Since best VPS hosting India keeps your website separate from other websites and allows it dedicated resources, your website performs at ultra-high speed. Moreover, your website loads in less than 2 seconds which is considered the best SEO practice.

– Server Resources Exclusively Dedicated to you

Like Dedicated Hosting, with VPS, also you get server resources exclusively dedicated to your website only. You need not share these resources with any website hosted on the same server as yours. Your website is the sole owner.

– Robust Security

In this age of advanced technologies, hackers can easily compromise the security of various websites. Therefore, maintaining tight security on your website is essential.

With shared hosting, you cannot install custom security software or put a firewall to safeguard your website. But with cheap VPS hosting India, you can install any custom software or applications to protect your website from these hackers. Moreover, VPS offers you end-to-end encryption, SSL certificate, DDoS protection, firewall, malware scan and removals, and many more other measures.

Further, do you know in windows 10 you can use the command prompt for coding. Command prompt also uses to clear your PC drive such as a USB flash drive. You can also format USB in Command prompt.

– No server Errors

When your website is on shared hosting, your visitors face many server errors such as 500. 501, 502,……………511. These errors not only affect your website’s reliability but give a bad impression to your visitors.

With VPS in India, your visitors do not face such errors as most VPS hosting providers promise to offer 99.99% uptime. Eliminating such errors gives your visitors a better user experience.

– Flexible and Scalable Server Configurations

If you run a business website, you cannot settle for one-time resource distribution. Sometimes you will need more resources, and sometimes, your current resources will be enough. VPS India allows you to increase or decrease resources as you see fit, so you can always get what you need.

Get unmatchable speed for your website with Wisesolution VPS India

VPS India

Wisesolution is one of the best web hosting companies offering a wide range of web hosting services in India at affordable prices. Since its establishment in 2010, the company has won numerous awards and has also been recognized as the most promising VPS Hosting provider in India.

The technical and support staff of Wisesolution stay available 24/7 to answer their customers’ queries promptly. The features of VPS Hosting India include – 99.99% Uptime, easy customization, Root Access (Complete control over your server), choice of operating system (Linux Windows), SSL certificate, Control Panels (cPanel/Plesk), Unique IP address, etc.

With Wisesolution, you will get cheap VPS Server India  in 4 variants. To know what they are, check the pricing plan given below.


VPS India is the best choice for website owners seeking high-speed hosting to improve the performance of their websites. Additionally, VPS gives you the utmost reliability, search engine ranking, flexibility, customizability, freedom from server errors, robust security, and much more. Therefore, please choose the most affordable VPS hosting provider like Wisesolution and give it the advantage of dedicated hosting.

Happy Hosting!

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