7 Reasons to Stay in the State of Wudhu

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Learn To Read Quran Online – Muslims have to do wudhu before any worship of Allah. Wudhu needs one to wash hands, faces, feet, and the smear over their heads according to the method taught by the Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him).

Purity is vital not only for the religious perception but systematically it is showed that wudhu is the greatest suitable rehearsal to purify the tissues of the human body. Before offering prayers, every Muslim should do ablution. It is a simple, assured, and compulsory form of washing our body parts and also make our health protect from diseases.

Every Muslim must learn to read Quran online or by the holy book with understanding its words meaning. Because in Quran and Hadees, the importance of purity is mentioned many times. Purity is compulsory in Islam. It has many benefits for us. We will also remain strong and active to get the blessings of Allah Almighty. If we will remain clean, this will affect our physical and mental situation.

Significance of Wudhu:

Before knowing the benefits of ablution, let’s discover the worth of wudhu in the light of hadith. Rendering to our Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him), “Wudhu is a light or noor. And doing wudhu upon wudhu is glow over glow.” A Prophet’s companion clarified this hadith in his words that wudhu makes purity and luminosity on a person’s face and soul, individually.

Wudhu delivers several benefits to the Muslims. So, 7 reasons are mentioned here to know why we should do wudhu in the best way and remain in this ablution form the whole day!

Compensation of Sins

The Holy Prophet (SAW) said “When a Muslim, or a follower, washes his face in the form of ablution, every sin which he devoted with his eyes, will be washed from his face with water, when he will wash his hands, every sin which is devoted by his hands will have clean from his hands with using the water, or with the last drop of water; and when he will wash his feet, every sin will wash from his feet with the water, or with the last drop of water; till he lastly begins washed of all his sins.” 

Wudhu has washed away all sins of Muslims. It is also a requirement for five times Salaah in a day. Ghusl is an obligation for salaah, fasting, and other customs of worship.

Purity of Soul

Angels remain with a person who is always has a wudhu. So, it is a great implication as it affects in inspiring the levels both in the world and hereafter. When a Muslim performs these prayers, he feels purified and always tries his best to stay away from sins. At the least, Muslims can abstain from spoiling others and that is also helpful. When a Muslim does a sin, her or his heart is concealed by a mark, but it is detached by regret and doing good deeds. Purification is achieved from wudhu, and then Muslims can easily perform prayers and doings charity toward others.

Promise of Jannah

Wudhu is one the best source to make our heart, mind, and soul purified. Allah has been promised us that the parts of the body where the wudhu water touches will be reserved for Jannah. On other hand, when a Muslim who has doing wudhu is predictable to get the place in Jannah.

After Wudhu a Muslim should worship Allah and try the best to learn to read Quran online or by the holy book. Allah Almighty has prepared it informal for us to enter or have a place in his Jannah. But unfortunately, we forget all this attachment and benefits due to our involvement in this temporary worldly life.

Provides Physical Activeness

As mentioned above, you know that you feel relaxed when you will perform wudu. As the result, you turn yourself into actually active status when you will feel strengthened. When a Muslim remains in wudhu and realizes an internal purification, then he or she attains the strength to more and better work. In short, wudhu does not just have spiritual benefits, but it will also provide you good effects on your mentally level.

Enter from Any Gate of Jannah

The Holy Prophet (Peace Be Upon Him) said that “Whoever you perform the wudhu prudently and then confirms with his shadaat finger that I swear there is no another true God but Allah Only, who has no any partners and Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) is His Messenger and slave. So all eight gates of Jannah will be opened for him. He will be able to enter Jannah through any gates he wants to enter.

A Sign of Belief (Emaan)

Hazrat Muhammad (SAW) also told that “And no one protectors their wudhu excepting a Follower.” Keeping Wudu is a sign of Emaan. Purification is the key of Salaah to make our faith strong in Allah and His aspects. When a person breaks Wudhu, no one can know this except Allah and you by heart and mind. This’s why keeping Wudhu for the Salaah and learning to read Quran online or by the holy book is the major thing that specifies the occurrence of Emaan in a Muslim heart.

Increases The Love of Allah

In the Quran, Allah says, “Actually, Allah loves them who turns himself into in regret and who purify themselves by cleaning and washing their bodies parts for prayers. And do good deeds to get the love and blessings of Allah. So you should make it your habit to stay in a state of wudhu. And always motivate yourself to follow the sunnah.

Conclusion For Learn To Read Quran Online

In final, you should try to remain in the form of Wudu every day and every time. It will carry you nearer to Allah. Also, it is essential to do wudhu before any worship of Allah or offering prayer and reciting the Noble Quran. Wudhu is a vital part of Islam and our faith. It not only helps to achieve purity by physically but also spiritually and mentally. So keep yourself in the form of ablution (Wudhu) to get the protection and blessings of Allah.