Biden reaches out to Republicans

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Joe Biden’s speech was not directed at the average American or Democrats. He didn’t speak to the rest of the world either. He was aimed first at Republicans, especially those who believe he is not the true President of the United States.

To these Republicans, he reached out his hand. He spoke of reconciliation, democracy and unity.

But something chilled the blood: hearing the American president admit that his country was broken.

A country broken by the pandemic, laminated by racism, divided by economic and social inequalities, but above all, stubbornly separated between Republicans and Democrats.

Hopes and challenges

Biden spoke briefly to the rest of the world. He explained that the country had emerged stronger from the crisis, that the United States was back in the world and that they were going to lead by example.

These words were expected. But what exactly will he do to counter the rise of dictatorships and in particular China?

Biden’s presidency is full of hopes and challenges. Rarely has a president had so many problems to resolve when he takes office.

No one believes the road will be easy. But at least hope is back. A certain kindness too.

Reconciliation badly started

The media close to the Democrats endlessly underline the significant presence of minorities, in particular the black minority.

Media close to Republicans are asking Democrats to take concrete action to show that they want real national reconciliation.

Bringing everything back to racial combat or asking for privileges does not bode well for the future.

Fortunately, people of good will are also expressing themselves on both sides.

Keep Trump Out

National reconciliation will be greatly helped if Donald Trump remains out of the political arena.

No one mentioned his name at the inauguration. But Trump said he would come back “one way or another.”

As late as possible and as little as possible would be preferable.

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