Germany: Therapists demand fixed prices for masks

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The prime ministers of the federal states and Bundeskanzler Angela Merkel decided that in order to improve the protection of the country’s residents from coronavirus in shops and public transport, it is necessary to wear FFP2 or at least medical (surgical) masks. The German Association of Medical Physicians warns that the decision could lead to increased demand and, as a result, skyrocketing mask prices.

The head of the association Ulrich Weigeldt believes that the authorities, which obliged the population to wear these masks, should regulate their cost. He proposed setting a fixed maximum price for masks, which cannot be exceeded.

Chancellor Angela Merkel and the heads of government of the federal states on Tuesday decided that in order to combat the coronavirus and to prevent the spread of the mutated variant in shops and public transport, it is necessary to wear at least medical masks. Weigeldt considers this decision an effective measure. However, he reminds: “If you put on a mask, you have to do it right,” he said.

Both surgical and FFP2 masks offer significantly higher levels of protection than conventional fabric masks. However, they must be certified and used correctly.

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