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The fence plays a really crucial role in stopping intruders into the home of yours. Actually, it’s the very first type of defense for the home of yours.

Today, considering how vital it’s, you have to ensure that it’s constantly in the top condition. And of course, it’s at this time that fence paint is available in handy.

Fence paint, as the title goes, is a unique kind of paint which shields the perimeter of the home of yours out of difficult components that Mother Nature might channel the way of.

It keeps the home fence of yours in excellent condition even when outside conditions start to be intolerably extreme.

Clearly, for reliable safety, you have to select a fence protector which can stand up to each of the rough elements for decades to come.

Regrettably, singling out that option that is ideal is still an overwhelming affair.

But since we exist, we’ve come up with several of the market ‘s first-rate choices of Best Paint For Fence for you.

Try finding the ideal pick of yours on the list of ours of the top 10 best fence paints for you!

Best Paint For Fence During Every Season

#1 Saver Systems Deck Wood Deck Paint and Sealer

Saver Systems Deck Wood Deck Paint and Sealer

For starters on the list is an incredible choice by Saver Systems. The paint is available in an one gallon box.

Thus, count on a single container to discuss quite a big region.

The hand-picked paint of ours is of Dark Walnut color even though you are able to additionally choose an alternative tone from the other 4 choices.

This particular color provides an opaque finish which protects the wood of yours from fading, graying, along with various other consequences which are available together with extended contact with UV rays.

The high-quality paint additionally will keep the wood secure from peeling as well as chipping, elongating the lifetime of the wood actually under severe environmental conditions.

The water based color doubles in place as a sealer. With this particular property, it guarantees top safety of the fence of yours like never previously.

Saver Systems Deck Wood Paint and Sealer perform on both vertical and horizontal wood surfaces.

In reality, whether the paint of yours is of pine, cedar, mahogany, lumber, or maybe some additional wood, this particular product works with nearly any kind of wood.

In contrast to the vast majority of additional competing designs available which have a strong odor, Deck features a minimal odor.

Thus, look to have a simple time when applying.

The paint cleans up quickly with water so you do not need to worry the subsequent time it catches the cloth of yours accidentally.


  • There are 5 solid colors out there.
  • The capability of one gallon provides coverage that is good.
  • It’s simple to use.


  • It might not be roughly cheap.

#2 Wood Defender – Transparent Fence Stain (five Gallon)

Saver Systems Deck Wood Deck Paint and Sealer

The fence is the very first thing that welcomes individuals at home. Hence, you have to ensure that it stays in a tip-top problem.

Regrettably, ensuring this’s not simple as it may sound due to the strong outside elements.

Nevertheless, as the title goes, Wood Defender Fence Stain is created to safeguard the wood of yours from all of the likely negative effects of difficult components.

The high quality fence stain leaves an oxford murky surface on the fire wood.

Nevertheless, this particular style might differ based on the wood type as well as the absorption rate of the lumber.

The color constitutes Trans Oxide pigments, finely grounded pollutants to provide you with a simple time when using.

These pigments provide better opposition to UV rays, eliminating some risks of fading, peeling, graying, and also chipping.

The item functions excellently with redwood and cedar since it maintains the current wood beauty.

The wood stain is available in a five gallon box. Hence, one container needs to be enough for many homes since it offers coverage that is great.

The five gallon jar goes at a greater cost as one would expect however continues to be considerably cost efficient compared to virtually all members of the tournament.


  • It’s cost efficient.
  • The improved formula stands approximately the rough climate conditions.
  • The wood stain is really convenient to apply.


  • The capability of 5 gallons may be much more for many apps.

#3 Wood Defender – Transparent Fence Stain (one Gallon)

Wood Defender – Transparent Fence Stain (1 Gallon)

Also coming from Wood Defender, this particular fence stain also provides better protection to the wood fence of yours.

The color is available in a smaller capability of one gallon.

I mean, if you are looking for a smaller amount compared to the 5 gallons to get a tighter room, you might think about incorporating the choice in your shopping cart.

Just like the preceding version, this particular wood stain utilizes a great climate formula.

Thus, whether it’s in the summertime, winter, or maybe some other time of the entire year, you are able to constantly rely on this paint to provide all round protection all-year-round.

The Oxford murky color actually leaves a transparent finish on the timber after drying up. Thus, count on it to protect the fence of yours without concealing the natural beauty of its.

Just like the before sibling, this particular paint works excellently with brand new cedar, redwood, and another wood type you will wish to glorify the currently present beauty.

If you want another choice aside from the Oxford brown, you are able to pick from cedar tone, sequoia, leatherwood, clear glow, and redwood.


  • The color looks good.
  • There are many colors.
  • The cost is affordable.


  • The one gallon capacity is less cost efficient.

#4 Valspar 3125-10 Fence and Barn Latex Paint

Valspar 3125-10 Barn and Fence Latex Paint

Valspar 3125-10 Fence and Barn Latex choice offer up to 5 gallons of paint. This amount must be sufficient for many home enclosures.

Nevertheless, for people who would like a smaller capacity, this specific suggestion is offered in an one gallon box.

The hand-picked option of ours is red and can look good on any wood. Nevertheless, if you want a distinct tone, you still enjoy a white for selection.

The premium grade paint applies smoothly on almost any wood to provide you with an adventure like no other person.

Right after using, Valspar 3125 10 Latex Paint dries as much as a difficult layer which provides an exceptional environmental opposition.

I mean, with this particular paint, you won’t ever need to be concerned about UV rays or some other severe weather conditions which can come the way of its.

Aside from wood, this paint additionally works on various other exterior surfaces including masonry, primed metal, weathered steel, and other a lot of areas.

With that versatility, you will not have some surplus paint go to waste because you are able to utilize it in other parts close to the home of yours.


  • The color works on various surfaces.
  • You will find two colors out there.
  • The paint provides wonderful weather resistance.


  • It doesn’t provide the most perfect resistance to mildew.

#5 KILZ Exterior Siding, Barn Paint, and Fence

KILZ Exterior Siding, Fence, and Barn Paint

For more than 4 years, homeowners are actually checking out KILZ to obtain the task done in beautifying the homes of theirs.

And of course, definitely coming from KILZ, this incredible choice is going to keep the fence safe of yours from all of the outdoor components when simultaneously stepping up the complete appeal of the home of yours.

The paint is white and also works significantly in fences, barns, exterior siding, and almost any other location you’ve previously thought of adding a weather resistant coat.

Nevertheless, in the event you want another color this particular fence protector is offered in a red tone.

The color uses an outstanding oil/water foundation method to ensure much better penetration, versatility, and adhesion without compromising longevity.

The distinctive formulation won’t crack, peel or perhaps fade, to make sure it provides protection for decades to come.

The one gallon package supplies the coverage of between 200 square foot along with 500 square foot based on the substrate porosity as well as the application technique you make use of.

The paint dries in under three hours so you do not need to wait for very long.

Nevertheless, the manufacturer recommends you wait for 6 to 8 hours before you recoat to confirm great results.

The thickness of the color grants you versatility in putting on because you are able to utilize a sprayer, brush or maybe a roller based on the accessibility and the preference of yours.


  • The color provides very good coverage of up to 500 square foot.
  • It really works on several surfaces.
  • It dries rapidly.


  • One gallon might not offer plenty of paint for bigger yards.

#6 Ready Seal 125 1 Gallon Can Dark Walnut Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer

Ready Seal 125 1-Gallon Can Dark Walnut Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer

Providing you’re searching for fencing paint which will match all the exterior wood projects of yours, this particular item from Ready Seal must be a pleasant buy for you personally.

The oil based product is semi-transparent and can add color to the wood of yours when still creating a water tight seal.

This removes the hassle of a multi step program since you will not need to add stain as well as sealer individually.

The high-quality product produces a durable coat which keeps the fence safe of yours by blocking water, UV rays, and mildew.

This particular item is available in a deep Walnut color which guarantees to step up the magnificence of every house.

Nevertheless, it might take up to fourteen weeks to obtain this color. The stain is sold in five additional colors to enable you to choose the person that best goes with the needs of yours.

The paint is available in an one gallon container which doesn’t need one to dilute. Consequently, you are able to use it straight from the package.

The color may be put on making use of a brush, spray or maybe roller based on what looks ideal for you.

To obtain the perfect results, think about cleaning the surface area of dust, grease, oil, mildew, and some other element.


  • You’ll notice six color varieties out there.
  • Adding it on wood is a breeze.
  • It penetrates deep to avoid mildew as well as UV consequences.


  • You may need to buy a number of these in case you’ve a huge fence.

#7 DEFY Extreme one Gallon Exterior Wood Stain

DEFY Extreme 1 Gallon Exterior Wood Stain

This water based fence paint is additionally an alternative choice you might rely on to guard the fence of yours from the bad outside conditions.

The nano particle engineering of the color efficiently mirrors uv rays to safeguard the fence from graying along with other negative effects of UV.

The zinc nanoparticles can also be naturally resistant to mold and mildew so that the fence of yours retains the beauty season of its right after another.

Additionally, this sophisticated system is going to penetrate deep into the wood to make sure it makes a defensive layer which withstands probably the most extreme elements when creating little to no change in the attractiveness of the timber.

Put simply, if you would like a premium grade paint which is going to do the job correctly without robbing the wood of the beauty of its, then this’s among the choices you might think about purchasing.

The wood stain is of the best resin to make sure it outlasts various other competing designs by a time period or perhaps 2.

This paint is flexible. Thus, apart from wood, you are able to additionally make use of DEFY intense for staining timber decks, furniture, playsets, and in most places close to the home of yours.

An individual package provides a capacity of just one gallon even though you are able to additionally receive the color at a bigger capacity of 5 gallons.


  • The zinc nano-particles produce a reliable protective layer.
  • It’s additionally offered in a bigger capacity of 5 gallons.
  • The color resists UV, mold, mildew, and any other outdoor elements which can come the way of its.


  • It’s not semi transparent while it claims.

#8 Ready Seal 510 5 Gallon Pail Golden Pine Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer

Ready Seal 510 5-Gallon Pail Golden Pine Exterior Wood Stain and Sealer

Prepared Seal 510 is to be used in a fence, decks, wood siding, patio covers along with other a lot of regions across the house.

The paint remains darker previously applied however it gains the true color of its in 14 days.

Becoming a among the professionals’ popular choices, expect this particular wood stain to make a durable coat which will endure year after year.

The high-quality item produces a seal which prevents penetration of other elements and moisture to prevent harm so that the fence of yours lasts longer.

Additionally, unlike some choices in the industry, this product won’t call for a wet line application.

Thus, count on the whole application process being simpler when making use of this alternative compared to other options in the competition.

Prepared Seal 510 Wood Stain and Sealer implement at any heat unlike several of the choices out there.

Plus because you are able to use it utilizing a sprayer, roller or brush, we are able to easily argue it grants the user unparalleled versatility of the application operation.

The solution can be obtained in the bunch of one as well as 5.


  • It appears to be fantastic once you apply.
  • It dries very rapidly.
  • It cleans up quickly.


  • The product packaging is not the very best.

#9 Black Beauty Fence Post Paint

Black Beauty Fence Post Paint

Then on the list of ours, this particular paint is created for use on timber fences.

The water based fence provides performance that is great with the black beauty covering which inhibits the wood from rotting as well as decaying.

The sturdy layer additionally repels insects to safeguard the wood out of insect infestation.

Since the dark beauty surface offers anti corrosive qualities, you are able to utilize this particular fence color on metallic surfaces like in storage tanks, pipes, and also on another covering which is prone to corrosion.

The weather-resistance paint guarantees that moisture doesn’t penetrate the fence.

This particular function helps to elongate the lifetime of the fence which leads to lower costs in the long term.

The container comes with around 5 gallons of paint.

Thus, with the estimated coverage of 75 80 square feet a gallon on wood and as much as hundred square feet on metallic surfaces, the five gallon must discuss quite a big region of the fence of yours.


  • The black colored beauty coat is anti-corrosive and weatherproof.
  • It really works on wood as well as metal surfaces.
  • The paint gives great coverage.


  • You can’t squirt the paint.



This premium-grade product is made to focus on many surfaces.

Thus, other than making use of it for the fence of yours, you are able to likewise put it to use for deck, siding, and in most places in which you will wish to put in a defensive coat.

The item is produced by the United States to allow you to purchase knowing you’re getting a top quality solution which is going to deliver value for cash.

The item works by building a durable coat which resists UV rays. The capacity to supply this opposition stops the fence from the likely consequences to ensure optimum durability.

The sturdy covering additionally produces a waterproof seal which blocks normal water from penetrating the timber.

I mean, apart from stopping the fence from graying along with other negative effects of contact with UV rays, this specific paint additionally stops rotting by stopping water absorption.

The mildew resistance is still another feature that confirms this wood stain comes with the main aim of elongating the lifetime of the fence of yours.

The paint cleans up quickly with water to ensure you do not need to be concerned that it is going to leave persistent marks in case it unintentionally spills on the clothing of yours.


  • The item covers quite well.
  • It makes an excellent defensive level which elongates the service life of the fence of yours.
  • The cost is fantastic.


  • There are no color varieties to select from here.

How to paint the fence? Detail Guide

Best Paint For Fence

Depending on the size of the fence, the financial possibilities of the owners, a method of painting lumber is chosen.


The generally accepted option. As inventory use:

  • Brush . Most in demand among the population. Due to the different thickness and width during painting, it captures hard-to-reach areas. It costs a little, but it takes a lot of time and effort to process large fences. In addition, you need to pay attention to the quality of the pile of the brush. Cheap products leave particles on the fence when painting.
  • Roller . A good solution for handling tall, long fences. Provides uniform application, but paint consumption is significantly increased. It does not capture individual areas, which is why you have to buy an additional brush.


It is also called a spray gun. Great for painting even wooden floors. Provides uniform coverage. Consumption of paint economical.

The processing process is faster than manual. To use the tool does not require knowledge of special techniques.

Step-by-step instructions for painting the fence with your own hands

The process consists of several stages. We will consider each of them in detail.

Tool selection

You will need:

  • sandpaper;
  • putty knife;
  • a metal brush (if you need to remove old paint);
  • hard putty for wood;
  • tassels (wide and narrow);
  • roller;
  • primer;
  • rubber gloves, face shield;
  • Paint.

The optimal weather for processing is clear, without wind. It is not recommended to apply in heat, because the product dries quickly without creating a sufficient protective film.



  • We remove sandpaper, a brush roughness and roughness from the surface. Grind thoroughly.
  • If the tree has noticeable chips, cracks, then it is better to process the material with a primer.
  • After it is completely absorbed, we cover the damaged areas with putty.
  • Let the putty dry. Grind the surface again.

Painting process

In the case when the lower part of the fence made of wood and poles will come into contact with the soil in the future, to process them you need to buy paint, which contains bitumen. This component guarantees high-quality waterproofing of processed raw materials.

It is best to paint sections of the fence in a horizontal position when the structure is not yet fully assembled. They are laid on a clean substrate of cardboard, plywood.

The direction of the brush or roller goes from top to bottom, in uniform strokes.

After applying the first coat, he needs to give time to dry. Then you can decide whether to apply the second.

Fans of original options can:

  • paint the posts in dark colors, and the sections in light to create contrast;
  • make each picket bar a different shade;
  • depict floral patterns on the cover, cheerful little men.

If natural wood is to your liking, then it is worth processing the fence with varnish, supplementing it with carved elements.

Wood surface finish in winter

If the need to protect a wooden fence arose in the winter, the choice of funds will be small. Suitable paints such as styrene-acrylic or latex. They are resistant to low temperatures.

But the application order is somewhat unusual:

  • Half the paint is kneading right on the street.
  • The second part is in a warm room.

Such a combination of solution temperatures, according to manufacturers, provides strong adhesion of the paintwork to the wood.

Features of painting the old fence

The old fence is painted in the same way as the new one. With the exception of preparation – here it must be thorough.

Old paint is removed with a brush, metal paper. There are solvents that apply to the rag and wipe it with dried paint. All processes are performed in rubber gloves. If some of the boards are eaten by insects, then it is better to replace them.

Old varnish is removed similarly. Cracks are primed, putty. After the fence is painted.

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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

What’s the proper color for a fence?

When selecting the proper color for the fence paint of yours, you have to ensure it interacts great with the home of yours. If perhaps you’ve an issue with picking out the best color for the fence of yours, you are able to go for the shades which go with many homes. These colors include but aren’t restricted to dark grey, red, white, and pink.

What’s the perfect backyard fence paint for me personally?

Though the perfect backyard fence paint for you are going to depend on the wood type, several choices guarantee to offer great outcomes regardless of the material type. And of course, you’ll barely get it that you do not like about either of the people of the top-notch review of ours.

Just how do you make timber waterproof?

Although you can find numerous methods for making the wood of yours water-resistant, the best way is using a stain sealant combo. This particular product blocks other elements and water when still elevating the appeal of the lumber of yours.

Must house and fence be the identical color?

To paint the fence to match the style of the house of yours is going to give the space of yours a far more integrated appearance. Nevertheless, there’s also no damage in employing a unique color even though you ought to attempt to make sure that the style at least dovetails with the space of yours.

Which will last longer stain or even paint?

A top-quality stain will go as many as 5 years with appropriate program. Nevertheless, we still have a number of options which can keep going for a year or 2. Paint on the opposite side is going to last for very more than the typical stain with some working for under five years. Thus, the longevity majorly depends on the quality of the stain or even paint.

Final Words

High-quality fence paint won’t just beautify the home of yours but additionally extend the lifespan of the fence of yours.

The top-notch review of ours indicates several of the top performing Best Paint For Fence out there.

Hence, in case you need a choice that is going to deliver value for the money of yours, just spare a couple of minutes and go through the review of ours to identify the best pick for the home of yours!

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