Beautyforever Lace Front Wigs Guide for Wig Beginners

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Choosing the right human hair wig is a difficult task for many wig beginners, there are many different wigs, they don’t know much about hair wigs, whereas if you choose the right hair wig, So it can’t hurt you too much. And looks great, to make sure you all know about it easily, let’s show you today a guide to a kind of cheap human hair wigs – lace front wig

What is a lace front wig?

When we talk about lace front wigs, the most common are 13 * 4 and 13 * 6 lace front wigs, this type of hair wig usually has a large lace on the front of the hair wig. Occurs, lace can be medium brown Swiss lace. , Transparent lace, even HD lace, because of this feature, lace front wig has a big advantage, you can freely use the lace part to see the middle part or side part. Glossless look can also be achieved with this hair wig. 

The best lace front wigs are now one of the best-selling human hair wigs at the Beautyforever Hair website. Many customers choose this wig, it has different styling options, such as Straight, Body Wave, Loose Deep Wave, Deep Wave, Loose Wave, Curly, Water Wave, or Straight, you can style it to your liking. Can choose, we recommend straight, body wave and loose deep wave wig three kinds for beginners.

How to Install lace front wig?

First of all, let’s make some basic tools, five things are needed – wig cap, wide toothbrush, scissors, tweezers and flat iron. Now lift your hair wig, follow these steps. The first step, to make the episode even easier, is to tie up all your hair, then wear a wig cap, a flesh colored wig cap is great, if you choose a Swiss lace hair wig, You also have to compare the color of the lace. Color, make sure the lace can melt your skin well, during this process, if the color of the lace is too dark for you, you can bleach it, if it is lighter, adjust it. Use your foundation for If you have a good budget, we recommend HD lace front wig, you do not need to do these extra things.

Step 2: Apply a hair wig to your scalp, use an adjustable strap to adjust the size of the wig, make it more fit, then use your brush, separate your hair, make a middle or side part, Use tweezers to move some hair, make your distribution line clear.

Step 3: Using scissors, cut off the excess part of the front lace, apply some loose powder on the hairline part, melt the hair wig better with your skin, then use some short hair to style your hair. Change the edge of

Last step: Using a flat iron to style your hair wig, style it in a wavy shape or straighten it. After all, you can use some setting sprays, to keep your hairstyle longer.

Tips for wearing a lace front wig

There are many benefits to lace front wigs mentioned above, but the following points should be kept in mind to ensure that the scalp and regular hair under the front trim remain healthy.

Check your wig:

Pause for a minute to see how you apply your new lace front wig. Check the smell and surface, check the texture of the finished product, if you think something has fallen off, please wash it a little before wearing it.

Fix your specific hair properly:

Lace front wigs are coated with adhesive, so before applying any adhesive to the forehead or edges, make sure that all normal hair is properly flattened and covered under the cap.

In any case, be sure to focus on your hair:

Virgin lace front wigs can be worn as usual, so it is not difficult to grow your own hair. Be sure to remove the wig once a week and take care of your hair carefully, such as deep styling, peeling and scalp washing. This will ensure that your typical braid under the wig in front of the lace is preferred, hydrated, saturated and clean.

Use the right glue:

Although not all lace wigs require glue, it is important to apply glue properly when wearing them. There is an adhesive specifically for the frontless wig, but not everyone is safe. Similarly, if you plan to use it in water, the glue you use will be the same as the one you use compared to dry adhesives. Make sure all paste tests are corrected before applying, and make sure that skin protectors are usually used before applying.

Learn and follow the critical exit:

Holding a wig on the Internet or in movies may seem interesting, but in fact, the frontless wig should be carefully removed before wearing. Before attempting to remove the wig from the scalp, you should always use a degumming agent to thicken the paste. If you encounter obstacles, do not try to escalate the conversation, apply more makeup remover and try again.

Final Verdict

Lace front wigs are perfect for your style, as you can gradually change the regular or basic need to change the look without compromising. Consider every option from glue to brush, and find a hat that suits your lifestyle and style trends.