Bashkir official considers high benefits to be the cause of unemployment

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An employee of the employment center in Neftekamsk, during an operational meeting at the city hall, said that local residents do not want to find a job because of too high unemployment benefits. Write about this “Argumenty i Fakty”.

According to the newspaper, the civil servant drew attention to a significant increase in the number of unemployed since the beginning of the pandemic. She noted that until March 1, 2020, 780 neftekam residents were registered at the employment center, and by early August – 4,262.

“There is a shortage of personnel, employers cannot complete jobs, as citizens refuse to find employment due to the high amount of unemployment benefits,” the publication quoted the official as saying.

An employee of the employment center clarified that the minimum amount of unemployment benefits in Neftekamsk is 5,175 rubles, and payments are increased by 3,000 if the family has at least one child.

“And three children is already almost 15 thousand, that is, above the minimum wage. Why should a person work if he can receive this money at the employment center, ”she said.

At the end of July, Izvestia wrote that the Federation of Independent Trade Unions of Russia (FNPR) came up with an idea to raise the minimum unemployment benefits to the subsistence level, and the maximum ones to the average salary in the region. In this case, benefits will be different in each constituent entity, but on average throughout the country, the range of payments will be about 12-51 thousand rubles.

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