Musician Kuzmin spoke about the letter of the killer of his daughter

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The killer of the eldest daughter of the musician Vladimir Kuzmin wrote a letter to him. This happened after he served time for the crime. In the letter, the man apologized to the family.

Elizaveta Kuzmina was killed in her own apartment in 2002. The musician admitted on the air of the program “The Fate of a Man” that it is difficult for him to talk about the death of children. The singer’s son Stepan died in 2009.

“God gives us tests so that later we will know what happiness is, what life is. We survived … Nobody still knows what happened there. This guy served his time and then apologized over the Internet. Nobody knows what happened, ”the musician commented.

Kuzmin spoke before and shared his feeling now that it seems to him that it was not her young man who killed his daughter. He also said that the family did not respond to an apology letter that came to them.

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