August 7: Strict bans on Anna Summer Day

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On August 7, 2020 (July 25, old style), the people celebrate the day of Anna Summer (Galilee)


Anna Summer (Galilee), according to legend, lived in Nazareth in the 1st century before the new era. Having married Joachim, she could not conceive for several decades. In those days, childlessness was a bad sign, and therefore Joachim decided to try to gain God’s grace by prayer in solitude in the desert. And a miracle happened: an Angel appeared to him, announcing the imminent appearance of Anna’s daughter. Beside himself with joy, Joachim hurried home, and soon the good news came true, and Anna had a daughter, who was named Mary – known from the holy scriptures as the Virgin Mary, who gave life to Jesus Christ.

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Dos and Don’ts August 7, 2020

You can’t walk on August 7 in the evening, and even more so at night. In the old days, people did not doubt that it was on this day that evil spirits were able to send illnesses and failures to walking people. Any scandals on Anna Letnaya are prohibited. Even if you are completely confident that you are right, on this day you should not strain because of this, because in the end you can lose much more.

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Beliefs and signs:

In ancient times, on August 7, there were signs that people tried not to break. For example, a banal change of bed linen that day could lead to the fact that you start having nightmares. Or washing floors also provoked unexpected quarrels.

By this day, the harvest of the first potatoes usually began. And since potatoes have always been considered a very important product, on August 7, a table was laid, where this particular vegetable was the main dish.

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