Are Weapon Skins Really a Way to Improve Your Valorant Play?

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Many players believe that Valorant is a pay-to-win game because of its high-priced skin packages. Are extravagant skins worth the effort? Visit for more info.

Riot Games has released over 25 bundles to date. Around 28 bundles include skins for the primary weapons Phantom or Vandal, which are the most popular skins in the game. Some players stick with the same skin that they purchased months ago, despite having many collections. Many players feel that the Phantom or Vandals have an “aimbot-like” feel.

Valorant sells some of the most expensive cosmetics in-game, but players still buy them often. Even those who don’t shop for virtual goods often wonder if skins aid in aiming. Perhaps there is a reason.

Does Valorant pay to win

This question is not easy to answer. Although skins do not have aimbots, they can help you get headshots because of their lightweight and slick feel.

The “placebo effect” could explain the Valorant skins’ impact. It is a phenomenon where the brain believes that something tangible will increase performance, even though it is only an artificial stimulus. Random updates can also be a good way to get players interested in video games. Research suggests that placebos may work. This could be why players believe they are suddenly ace at aim after purchasing a 2,675 VP guns.

Valorant skins that are too expensive come with unique visual designs, headshot audio and inspect sound elements. Confidence is enhanced by investing in a high-end weapon and being rewarded with a headshot sound cue. The tracers used to shoot bullets are thicker on expensive skins. This can trick players into thinking their shot is more precise, thus the “aimbot feeling.”

No matter what shooter you are playing, lightweight weapons are always the best. The sleek, minimalist design of skins such as Champions Vandal, Prime Vandal, and Ion Phantom gives the weapon a light feel. It is easier to shoot when you have expensive skins. This might be why many players are unwilling to give up the Prime collection.

Valorant skins have audio elements that can be used to aid in listening

Spectrum Phantom is another skin that has been dubbed “aimbot Phantom” in the community. The Phantom’s stark white skin has a unique bullet sound by DJ ZEDD that makes shooting like a breeze. Due to the high-furnished sound, the skin is the most expensive in the game.

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory also explains the audio effect. Two teams were each equipped with identical weapons, but different sound effects. One of the guns was nerfed because it had a stronger sound effect that allowed a player to shoot better.

Are Valorant skins capable of achieving aimbot?

Skins do not directly affect gameplay but can trick your brain into thinking you have an “aimbot”.

Many Valorant skins have the same audio cues so you don’t need to purchase every skin in order to get a booster. Singularity, Ion Phantom, and Champions are very similar. You might already have the aim boost that you need if you have two skins to each primary rifle.