Brunswick Pinsetter Models – Which One is Right For You?

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By Marilyn Royce

Are you in the market for a New Brunswick Pinsetter? Do you know which Brunswick Pinsetter model will suit you best? If not, here are some Brunswick Pinsetter models that will be a good fit. The Brunswick brand has been a leader in bowling equipment for many years, and they offer a variety of Pinsetter models to choose from. This post aims to provide information on this brand’s different Pinsetter models. Take a look.

Introducing the Brunswick A-2 

The Brunswick A-2 is a reliable and efficient Brunswick Pinsetter that is perfect for any bowling alley.


  •  It features an advanced, easy-to-use operating system and a wide range of features that make it one of the top choices in the market.
  •  It has superior speed and accuracy, therefore capable of setting up pins quickly and accurately, allowing bowlers to enjoy a faster game with fewer hassles.
  • The Pinsetter also offers the latest safety and maintenance technology, ensuring it is always safe and functions optimally.
  • It features a built-in diagnostics system that allows easy maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • The Brunswick A-2 comes with an array of options for programming and customization, allowing you to tailor the Pinsetter to your needs.

These features make the Brunswick A-2 an excellent choice for any bowling alley looking for a reliable and efficient Brunswick Pinsetter.

The Classic Brunswick GSX

The Brunswick GSX is one of the most popular powerful Pinsetter models available in the market, providing reliable performance. 


  • The Brunswick GSX features an intuitive control system that makes it easy to use, making it perfect for use at home and bowling centers.
  • The GSX also has durable components to ensure long-term use and durability.
  • The GSX has advanced ball speed control and precise delivery timing, allowing precise and consistent pin placement.
  • This advanced Pinsetter also offers a wide range of capabilities, from traditional ten-pin bowling to various ball and pin games.
  •  The Brunswick GSX also features an adjustable pitch mechanism, which allows you to tailor the pin setting to suit the playing conditions of your lane.
  •  Brunswick GSX has a microprocessor-controlled system that monitors ball speed, pin alignment, and pitch, providing further accuracy and consistency.

The Brunswick GSX is a dependable Pinsetter designed to last and provide accurate and consistent performance. Whether you’re looking for a dependable Brunswick Pinsetter for your bowling center or home, the Brunswick GSX is a great option.

The Brunswick Deuce

The Brunswick Deuce is a powerful Brunswick Pinsetter model designed to help you bowl your best.


  • Brunswick Deuce features durable construction and can withstand heavy usage in bowling centers.
  • The Brunswick Deuce has a full-size scoring system that can handle up to five lanes, allowing bowlers to track their scores easily. 
  • It also features an advanced pin-setting system that utilizes pneumatic technology for faster and more reliable setups. 
  •  The Brunswick Deuce has built-in diagnostics that enable technicians to troubleshoot problems with the Pinsetter quickly.
  •   Brunswick Deuce comes with an automatic pin-release system that eliminates manual pin-setting tasks and speeds up play, thus making it more convenient.

 Bowlers who want the most out of their bowling experience should consider investing in the Brunswick Deuce Pinsetter.

The Brunswick Anarchy

The Brunswick Anarchy is the latest in Brunswick Pinsetter technology.


  •  The Brunswick anarchy features an advanced, high-torque, low-maintenance design.
  •  The Anarchy is designed for maximum efficiency and minimum downtime.
  •  The Anarchy offers industry-leading features such as an integrated pinstacker, a flexible configuration system, and an intuitive user interface. 
  • The Anarchy’s robust design also ensures reliability and longevity. 

With these features, the Anarchy is the perfect Pinsetter for any bowling center looking for fast, reliable performance.


When it comes to choosing the right Brunswick Pinsetter model for your bowling center, it’s important to consider the features and capabilities that each model has to offer. Whether you are looking for a classic model like the Brunswick A-2 or GSX, or a newer model like the Deuce or Anarchy, there is a Brunswick Pinsetter model that can meet the needs of your bowling alley. Each model has unique features and capabilities, so it’s important to research before making a purchase.