Animal rights activists accused the Irkutsk shelter of killing 50 thousand animals

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Animal rights activists initiated an unscheduled check in one of the dog shelters in Irkutsk. They also wrote a complaint to the Investigative Committee and created a petition demanding an investigation into the killing of animals that allegedly take place on the territory of the shelter.

The activists rely on the words of several volunteers who entered the shelter and found corpses of dogs with traces of violent death. According to zoodefenders, over the entire period of the organization’s activities, 50 thousand dogs and cats have died there.

The owner of the shelter denies all accusations and calls the ongoing redistribution of spheres of influence in the market for trapping stray animals. For a long time, his company was a monopoly. And now someone has set animal activists against him, regularly throws animal corpses into the territory of the shelter and threatens his family.

The check at the shelter will be completed on December 2, after which the prosecutor’s office will make a procedural decision.

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