All Russian stores propose to introduce double price tags

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The Union of Consumers of Russia proposed to oblige all stores to use new price tags – they must be indicated as the cost of a unit of goods, that is, packaging, as well as units of weight or volume, for example, 1 kg or 1 liter. The organization sent a letter with the initiative to the Ministry of Industry and Trade on September 3. Izvestia got acquainted with it.

The Consumer Union suggested that the department add this item to the draft rules for retail trade: the ministry has already drawn up a document, it is undergoing public hearings. Now companies can choose themselves what to indicate on the price tag: the cost of a unit of goods or a unit of weight.

The President of the Union of Consumers Petr Shelishch explained that the innovation will not allow producers to cheat – for example, pour 950 ml of milk into a 1 liter bottle, keeping the same price.

True, the Ministry of Industry and Trade was skeptical about the proposal.

“The initiative can lead to overloading price tags with unnecessary information. There are risks that sellers will use abbreviations or change the font to save space, “Deputy Head of the Department Viktor Yevtukhov told Izvestia.

The Consumers Union also plans to present the initiative to the business community as part of the discussion of the draft trade rules.

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