A way has become known how to alleviate the condition of a patient with coronavirus

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This was stated by Alexander Gintsburg, who holds the position of director of the Gamaleya Research Center.

These are antibodies that are given intravenously. It is they who today will help alleviate the patient’s condition. The rest, according to the specialist, is like a dead poultice.

The academician believes that the patient’s condition will be facilitated by antibodies of a certain type to this virus and nothing else. He explained that antibodies of a concentrated form are meant to be plasma of people who have been ill or a drug obtained from donor plasma.

– And everything else is, as it were, to put it mildly, sorry for the rudeness, dead poultices, – the RIA Novosti portal quotes Gintsburg as saying.

According to the scientist, the disease can be prevented by a vaccine, which has a preventive effect, and antibodies act therapeutically when the patient is already sick.

If a person is infected, then instead of eating all sorts of nuts, it is better for him to inject ready-made antibodies in order to block the virus, Gunzburg summed up.

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