A vaccine being developed at Moscow State University will be able to protect against re-infection with coronavirus

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Scientists from Hong Kong have studied and described a case of re-infection of a person with genetically different variants of the coronavirus. Therefore, the question arose again about the need to create buffer immunity and vaccination.

A variant of a polyvalent vaccine developed by specialists from Moscow State University. M.V. Lomonosov, already assumes multifactor protection.

“Our proposal is fundamentally different from everything that is now produced and offered, because we are creating a polyvalent vaccine. It contains not one antigen, but a whole set. It is assumed that the person vaccinated by her will be protected not only from one coronavirus, but from a number of similar pathogens, “Olga Karpova, the chief developer, head of the Department of Virology at the Biological Faculty of Moscow State University, told Izvestia.

She added that a universal antigen was introduced into the vaccine, which correlates with many SARS-like viruses – in particular, with those that have not yet been transferred to humans.

Karpova noted that out of eight vaccine prototypes that were tested at Moscow State University, three were successful from all points of view.

Scientists are confident that after the completion of all tests and trials, the vaccine from Moscow State University will be able to solve the problem of protection against re-infection.

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Universal shield: vaccine from Moscow State University will save from re-infection

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