A third of directors of Pskov schools are in hospitals

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In Pskov, a quarter of teachers are ill, and a third of school principals are in hospitals. This was announced on December 16 by Anna Kuzychenko, head of the education department of the Pskov administration, at an online briefing on distance learning.

“We see an increase in the incidence of covid and ARVI, but no one sees how courageously teachers cover their backs when someone goes to sick leave. In Pskov, 25% of teachers are sick. But we did not close a single school, did not stop the process. We were looking for how to build a curriculum to close holes, windows in the schedule, “- said the speaker.

She noted that students-teachers of Pskov State University came to the rescue, who helped to conduct lessons.

“47 students went to school and stood at the blackboard. My child was also taught by a student, and quite decently. Yes, not everything is so smooth, but the school is not closed from parents and children. Our task is to issue an educational program. And despite that that one third of the directors in hospitals are with pneumonia, they continue to control all processes from there, “Anna Kuzychenko summed up.

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