A swindler made a resident of Kalmykia get a loan

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In Gorodovikovsky district, a local resident, believing the swindler, transferred to the number indicated by him credit funds in the amount of 110 thousand rubles.

As the police found out, a 36-year-old resident of Gorodovikovsky district received a call from a certain citizen on behalf of bank employees with a warning that they allegedly wanted to get a loan in her name for a certain amount. And in order to prevent criminal actions, she herself needs to take out a loan, cash out the money and transfer it to a “safe deposit box”. Or tell passwords from SMS that come to her phone.

Without doubting the veracity of the words of the virtual interlocutor, the woman, following his instructions, took a loan in the amount of 110 thousand rubles and transferred them through an ATM to the number indicated by the fraudster. As a result, she lost her borrowed money.

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