A laboratory may appear on the basis of DBG Ryazan for acceptance of improvement works

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On Wednesday, November 25, at the site of the City Improvement Directorate, Deputy Head of the City Administration Vladimir Burmistrov held a meeting on road improvement and repair. This was reported on the website of the mayor’s office.

This year, in Ryazan, within the framework of the Safe and High-Quality Automobile Works national project, 19 road sections are being put in order: four have already been accepted, three more will be accepted by the end of the year, and the rest are scheduled to be completed in 2021.

The repaired plots are accepted by representatives of the management of the improvement, the Ministry of Transport, curators of the “DBG”, public figures and deputies. Pre-samples of the paved roadbed are examined in the laboratory.

“We will not allow a formal approach to the acceptance of landscaping works,” Burmistrov stressed at the meeting. He instructed to consider the possibility of organizing a laboratory on the basis of the Directorate or attracting an independent organization. It is planned to use the saved funds to purchase the necessary equipment for acceptance.

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