A girl was kidnapped near Bishkek for forced marriage

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A 22-year-old girl was kidnapped near Bishkek for forced marriage. This was reported by the Kaktus.media edition with reference to human rights activist Nazgul Turdubekova.

According to her, the girl was kidnapped by a three-time divorced 36-year-old man in order to marry her.

“The girl worked in a strawberry field near Bishkek, one of the workers noticed her and offered her a job in a cafe. She agreed because it was difficult to work on the field in the heat. The girl was put in a taxi, but was taken not to a new place of work, but in an unknown direction. As it turned out later, to the Tyup region. The girl, naturally, was terribly frightened. She decided that she was stolen to kill and then use her organs.

All the way the kidnappers held her hands and took away her phone. Only a couple of hours later the girl was told that she was being taken in marriage.

She demanded to let her go. But she was brought to the kidnapper. She did not sleep all night and waited for help from the police and relatives. Relatives could not find contacts of the kidnappers for a long time. But then they came and took the girl, ”said Turdubekova.

According to her, the girl’s parents turned to human rights activist Aziza Abdirasulova, and she turned to the regional governor Balbak Tulobaev.

“The girl and her relatives wrote a statement against the kidnappers. The accused testify. But the kidnapper’s relatives put pressure on the girl, come home, demand to write a counter statement, ”she notes.

The PF “Kylym Shamy” will provide legal assistance to the kidnapping victim, the PF “League of Child Rights Defenders” provides her with psychological assistance and monitors the actions of law enforcement agencies and the court.

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