A 37-meter canvas in tricolor colors unfolded in Ivanovo

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Thus, residents of the regional center celebrated the Day of the Russian Flag.

The canvas was unrolled yesterday, on August 22, on the platform of the Ivanovskiy railway station and welcomed the passengers of the morning Lastochka. A flag was made in the city’s Culture and Recreation Center, while the red and blue parts of the tricolor were made of Shuya chintz with the image of the famous Ivanovo cucumbers. The size of the cloth is not accidental, because 37 is the code of the Ivanovo region.

However, the guests and residents of the region were greeted on the platform not only with the flag – songs about the banner were performed by the creative teams of the Central Committee for Culture and Leisure, and the beauty of the passengers was smitten by the participants of the “Ivanovskaya Beauty” contest. For this occasion, the girls dressed up in traditional calico costumes.

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