65 Russian planes arrested in Ukraine

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A Ukrainian court has arrested 65 Russian planes making regular flights to Crimea. This is stated in a message published on September 9 in the Telegram channel of the Prosecutor’s Office of the “Autonomous Republic of Crimea”, which is part of the structure of the Prosecutor General’s Office of Ukraine.

“Since March 2014, Ukraine has closed the airspace over the occupied Crimean peninsula due to the impossibility of overseeing flight safety <...> Despite this, about 40 Russian airlines have been identified that carry out regular passenger air services to the occupied peninsula, violating international flight rules and legislation of Ukraine “, – the message says.

In this regard, 65 Russian aircraft were seized.

In mid-June, the Council of the European Union (EU) approved a decision to extend sanctions against Russia over Crimea for another year.

In response, Georgy Muradov, Permanent Representative of the Republic of Crimea to the President of Russia, noted that the extension of the EU sanctions is just another exhaust and stupid chores to which the inhabitants of the peninsula do not pay attention.

According to Nikolai Kobrinets, Director of the Department for European Cooperation of the Russian Foreign Ministry, there is no need to talk about the imminent lifting of EU sanctions against Russia, but the country has learned to live with them.

Crimea returned to Russia in 2014 following a referendum in which 96.77% of the peninsula’s residents voted for reunification. Kiev refuses to recognize the voting results and is making plans to “return” the region.

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