5 Reasons Why Adhesive Converting Solutions Are Important

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Typically, an adhesive converter “converts” huge rolls of raw material into useable components. As sophisticated as the materials themselves are, the huge, continuous rolls supplied by manufacturers are of little value to consumers; they are either too large to handle, the wrong shape or size, or the material is not finished properly. Converting huge rolls of adhesive into a finished product involves cooperation between the converter engineers and the OEM engineers. They work in tandem to establish the adhesive product’s characteristics and dimensions. This article discusses the importance of adhesive converting solutions.

Converting solutions are spotless

To begin, many individuals believe that tape is a “clean” application. It is not as messy as many liquid adhesives. Adhesive-backed material may assist engineers in increasing productivity by allowing them to use lighter, thinner materials or modify the adhesive-backed material to meet their production needs. 

Many engineers like the “clean appearance” created by bonding two or more substrates using adhesive-backed material. It removes obvious mechanical fasteners that may distort surfaces and create visual discontinuities, detracting from the aesthetics of the original design. 3M Converters have access to the whole 3M organization, including technical experts, to provide the finest product possible.


Second, it isn’t easy to cover a substrate uniformly with sprays and liquids, particularly by hand. Tape, foam, and other flexible materials address this issue by providing a consistent product thickness regardless of the substrate on which they are attached.

Mechanical fasteners may also place a great deal of stress on bonded components, resulting in noise. Tape does not cause this kind of tension. Additionally, many businesses may remove the requirement to bind both substrates simultaneously and in the same place by using adhesive tape and other adhesive-backed material in their production process. 

Additionally, employees installing tapes are not needed to be as competent or earn as much as welders and artisans. This saves time and money in terms of logistics.


The adhesive solutions are very flexible. Engineers rely on specifically developed low-surface energy-sensitive tapes and adhesives to bind polymers and composites, whether they create car components or household equipment. 

Most of the adhesive substance may be split into considerable lengths. This lowers operating costs by allowing equipment to work more with less downtime. Even if you are certain that a low surface energy adhesive is needed, the options offered may be confusing. 

You have to choose not just that, but also if you want to laminate your adhesive in another material. It would be best to consider which of the numerous options would work best for your application.

Adhesives are excellent since they tolerate movement for attaching materials with different thermal expansion coefficients. Flexible adhesives may be robotically distributed for automated assembly lines.

Conserves time

Finally, no time is spent waiting for glues or epoxy to set up, cure, or dry. Solvent-based adhesive solutions typically take between one and seven days to fully cure and give the required heat, humidity, chemical, and tunneling resistance characteristics to the final laminations. 

Solvent-based adhesive solutions would impart the necessary resistance characteristics in 24 to 48 hours for most snack food applications.

Many individuals like saving time on their daily tasks. If you do not have the time to wait for other adhesives to perform well, adhesive conversion solutions will save you time.

Extensive application

Adhesives are purpose-built for certain purposes. Apart from their function in the adhesion process, they may be used for a variety of additional reasons, including sealing agents to minimize the impact of self-loosening produced by dynamic stresses, sealing off regions to prevent oxidation and corrosion, and waterproofing. 

A 3m preferred converter satisfies a large number of your adhesive needs in one move. This eliminates the need to purchase a different kind of glue at an unnecessarily high cost.

Adhesive Converting Solutions qualify as a well-equipped and multipurpose solution. A well-equipped adhesive converting solution provides a range of tape conversion services for pressure- and heat-sensitive adhesive and non-adhesive materials. 

These converters use cutting-edge technology in their operations to serve an ever-growing variety of applications and markets. Quality goods result from meticulous attention to detail, deft use of technology.