An Air Impact Wrench: 5 Mistakes to Avoid

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What is an impact wrench? An air impact wrench, also known as a pneumatic or hydraulic nut gun, is a tool that drives bolts by using compressed air. It works in two ways: it either loosens the bolt with its fastener-removing function or tightens it to secure things together.

Air wrenches are used for very heavy-duty tasks such as changing brake pads on cars and trucks. They can come in different sizes depending on how much force they generate. 

But most of these wrenches will be about four inches long and weigh about three pounds with no attachments, like sockets attached to them. The torque range varies from 250 foot-pounds up to 2000 ft.-lbs., which means this type of wrench can be used for very heavy-duty jobs.

Mistake #01

Ignoring the safety features of air impact wrenches. The first mistake to avoid with these particular wrenches is not paying attention to their built-in safety features. They protect you from injury and potentially save your life. 

Most air-powered tools have a trigger that needs both hands to operate, but some models will give you the option of using one hand instead. This helps reduce fatigue on your arm by about 50% while also giving you more control over how much force is applied. 

Your driving power isn’t going anywhere without that other hand or foot. So, you can use your other hand to hold on to the socket you’re using to make sure it stays on while you work.

Mistake #02

Pressing too hard with an air impact wrench. The second mistake is pressing down too hard when using these tools because they already generate a lot of torque. 

If you press harder, it will break or wear out quicker than normal and eventually stop working altogether. They’re designed for heavy-duty tasks, so there’s no need to put additional pressure on them once their setup has been completed.

Follow the manufacturer’s instructions on exactly how they should be used, making no modifications. If the bolt doesn’t come loose after ten seconds of trying, try loosening first before making another attempt to loosen it. This will help with the longevity of your wrench.

Mistake #03

Not reading and understanding all warnings on air wrenches. The third mistake is not paying attention to any warnings that come with these particular tools. So you know what they’re capable of doing. A lot of times, people will read through a warning once or twice. 

But then might miss out on some minor detail that could cause an injury if missed—for example, forgetting about wearing safety glasses when operating this type of tool because there’s always debris flying around from constantly working on metal objects.

It’s essential to make sure you fully understand everything before proceeding and ensure everyone who operates this type of equipment is doing the same.

Mistake #04

Not using all of its attachments. The fourth mistake is not knowing what type or how many different types of sockets are available for this tool. Also, using it with one attachment can lead to a lot more problems when working on something like an engine. 

Why? Because you might need six different size wrenches to get everything done efficiently. Adding a socket set will ensure that the job gets completed as quickly as possible, with no mistakes. Hence, be sure to investigate these things before starting work yourself.

Mistake #05

Trying out every little thing on your air impact wrench. The final mistake people often make is experimenting with many attachments, even if they don’t know how to use them. 

This can lead to injury and the destruction of your air impact wrench. So if it doesn’t have warranties or guarantees in place. It’s crucial you know exactly what each attachment is used for. When a job arises, an appropriate socket head will be available for searching extra through all different types.

Final Thought

Air wrenches are used by mechanics, engineers, DIYers, and home repair professionals to tighten and loosen bolts with ease quickly. They provide a lot of power at the expense of speed. Still, if you have the right attachments for your application, this tool will be an invaluable addition to any workshop or professional garage.