4 Unique and Trendy Designs of Custom Mascara Boxes

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Custom mascara boxes are famous in the market because of their luxury styles. You can also use them in different sizes to increase the beauty of the products. With the help of this packaging, it becomes easy to print the details of the products. Finishing techniques are also helpful for enhancing the glow of the boxes. Cosmetic companies are also using this packaging to increase the overall worth of their products. Although, you can also use printing techniques to improve the overall aesthetics of the boxes. These boxes come at affordable pricing, according to the requirements for customization. Following are the 4 unique and trendy designs available for these boxes to increase your sales.

Custom mascara boxes with a flip-top closure design:

A mascara box with a flip-top closure design is famous in the market because it enhances safety. Makeup products are fragile and delicate. Therefore, use packaging that resists the interference of the external environment. When mascara and other related products are exposed to heat for a long time, they can melt away and use their effectiveness. To avoid this situation, you must use this design. The advantage of using this design is that it looks unique and makes your product look outstanding. Using this design also adds a factor of luxury.

When customers notice that their product comes with inadequate packaging, they become glad. This design is also an excellent design for safely shipping makeup products. It is a common observation that makeup products ruin their quality during shipping. This usually happens when products are exposed to pressure. Using this design will not let any of this happen.
Moreover, the packaging materials used in this design include cardboard and Kraft. Their durability will also protect the integrity of the products. To make these boxes safe to use around children, you can also use child-lock flip-top designs.

Die-cut window for Custom mascara boxes:

Mascara packaging with a die-cut window design is a hot seller in the market. When using this design, you will be connecting with your customers on a deeper level. When customers shop for makeup products, they want to buy the perfect quality. Usually, brands offer their products in secure packaging. However, close packaging makes it difficult for customers to buy. It is because they cannot see the quality of the product and have to make a confusing decision.

When using the die-cut window packaging design, they will be happy to look. Doing so will also increase the trust of your customers. They will see you as a transparent brand and a brand that cares about the clients’ concerns. If you want to stay distinctive from the other brands selling the same products as you in the market, this is the perfect option. You can also improve the appearance of the packaging by using the latest color schemes for it. Your customers will appreciate the creativity you are providing them with.

Packaging with handles:

The unique design for these boxes is the use of handles on them. Customers don’t like to compromise on functionality, and you can give them what they want by adding these handles. Also, with the help of these handles, it becomes easier for the customers to carry the products. It is a common observation that mascaras and foundations are usually heavy.

To keep them safe from falling and colliding, it is essential to use sturdy packaging. You can quickly achieve this goal by using these boxes and the top-notch prints. To enhance the safety of the products, you can also use the latest printing techniques to add instructions. These details can be about handling the product and how to use them. You can also use custom sizes for these boxes with the handles. It is vital to use the number of handles on these boxes according to the product’s weight. This will also make shifting these boxes from manufacturing houses to storage units easier.

Accessories and inserts:

One of the unique designs to get the best sales is to use accessories. These accessories can be in any form, and they must be relevant to the type of product you are selling. For example, you can use ribbons and bows to impress your customers with makeup items. You can also use stickers and tags according to the ongoing festivals for a better impact. Doing so will enhance the overall authenticity and demand for your products.

Not many brands are doing this, but custom inserts and additional slots are also a great way to give your customers an exceptional packaging experience. You can also add assortments of different colors to increase the worth of your products. If you are not using accessories, your products will have a touch of monotony in them. This can quickly push away customers as they will think that you are just another brand. You must use punch lines and call-to-action strategies printed on these boxes to prevent this. Many brands even emboss their logo to get a wow impression from their customers.

Custom mascara boxes are necessary for keeping the effectiveness of your makeup products intact. To increase the outlook of makeup items, you must present them in unique designs. For a better presentation, the die-cut window packaging is perfect as it gives an honest view to the customers. Similarly, choosing a packaging with a flip-top closure design will give you the most sales as it will protect the products present inside. You can also use custom inserts and accessories to increase the boxes‘ functionality.