The Perfect Guide to the Professional Method of Teeth Whitening

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Teeth Whitening is the process of whitening the tooth with a homemade or professional method. It is usually done when the tooth becomes yellow or starts to lose the actual color of enamel. In that case, various ways are used to lighten its color. The only discomfort that comes from it is sensitivity. Otherwise, it is safe for the enamel of your tooth.

The average range of this process lasts from seven months to three years if you take proper aftercare. But it has been reported that usually, it lasts up to a year only.

Please do not get it confused with bleaching. Teeth Whitening is described as the restoration of the original color of the enamel. Still, the process goes beyond the natural color in bleaching, which may have drawbacks. Do not consider it permanent treatment, but it lasts longer than expected if proper care is taken.

You may feel a slightly different sensation on that tooth than on your other teeth.

Contact your dentist the moment you feel any of the following symptoms:

  • Severe pain for more than three days.
  • Swelling of your mouth.
  • Reaction to the medication being used.
  • Uneven taste of the mouth.
  • Feeling intense sensitivity.


After the medication is done, wait for a few more days to balance out the numbness of the tooth. Do not bite or chew from that specific tooth. Please wait for the time when it is fully recovered to take any further action. Take proper care of the tooth. Do not do anything stupid. Daily brush your teeth and floss to keep your teeth and prevent further damage.

Taking care of your teeth with brushing, flossing, and regular check-ups can be positive.

In some cases, the tooth can require a few more appointments years after the first appointment is made.

Consult your dentist before moving forward with the process. Discuss all the advantages and disadvantages of this treatment for your safety. Teeth whitening by a professional always works better than homemade DIYs. To expect results from this treatment, visit every 30 to 60 mins session daily for a few days.

You should feel less pain if you are taking any medications. If they do not cease with the passing time, you need narcotic drugs prescribed by the doctor. The main idea of this whole process is to prevent the delicate tooth from further damage.

Taking care of your teeth should be your number one priority. Avoid drinking too cold or too hot for a few months after the root canal treatment. This may trigger the sensitivity of the tooth.

Although the medication is provided, you should take care of your oral hygiene.

Ask your friends and family for their preferences if they have any knowledge regarding this. What are their recommendations? Search for it over social media platforms for many options. The best way to know whether the clinic is good is to look out in their review section. How a doctor replies to the bad reviews says a lot about them.