Fruit Delivery vs. In-Store Shopping

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We’ve heard and read up on both shopping in stores and online grocery shopping in Singapore, but how well do they put against each other?

Let’s look at a detailed comparison between the two to determine which the better option is truly finally.

Time Taken

Fruit Delivery

There is no comparison when it comes to opting for fruit delivery to your home and the time taken to go to the store and shop. Fruit delivery in Singapore takes the lead by a great margin.

Think about it; it takes a considerably less amount of time to stay at home and order online than to make a list, get ready, go out, shop, wait in lines, come back, and unpack.

When opting to have the groceries delivered to you, you can easily utilize the time it would take for you to do all that and do something else that needs to be done or even relax!

It’s especially convenient when you’re in a pinch.

Shopping In Stores

Shopping in stores can often expose you to unnecessary wastage of time looking for fruits, picking out the right ones (and if the place is crowded, trying to fight for the best of the bunch), waiting at the checkout, and then bringing the fruit back home.

You can easily do many other things in the time it would take for you to do these.

Winner: Fruit Delivery

As mentioned above, the time you would save from having your fruits delivered is one of the major reasons why people opt for this option in favor of the other because it makes things much more convenient.


Fruit Delivery

Another category in which fruit delivery takes the lead because of how minimal the effort it requires is.

Most of us are already quite used to being on phones throughout the day and regularly use them.

Ordering groceries online is something so easy that even a toddler can be taught to do it.

Shopping In Stores

This can require much more effort than its alternative. This is not just because of the traveling and transporting aspect of it, but even at the grocery store, you have to go around, find what you’re looking for, and pick the right groceries.

It is usual for fruit markets to be quite crowded in certain countries, and trying to bargain with the fruit vendor is a common activity. This can usually be a draining experience for many because of how actively they have to be involved in getting the best fruits at the best price in a crowd of people.

Winner: Fruit Delivery

This option easily takes the win because it allows you to order groceries from the safety and comfort of your home.


Fruit Delivery

When having fruits delivered, you do have to factor in an additional cost that you otherwise would not have to worry about if you were to shop in stores, and that is the cost of the delivery of the groceries.

This gives shopping in stores an edge over online grocery in Singapore.

However, despite that, online shopping does enable you to take advantage of sales, coupons, and discount deals much more often than shopping in person does.

In addition to that, many stores offer discounts that are available exclusively online and not in stores.

Hence it usually does help to shop online.

Shopping In Stores

Although shopping in stores eliminates the worry of having to pay for delivery to your house, you do have to factor in the gas money or public transport fare it would take for you to get go back home.

Winner: Shopping In Stores

This one was a close match, but because discounts and coupons on online grocery in Singapore are a possibility and delivery fee is a guarantee, shopping in stores wins this round.

Environmental Responsibility

Fruit Delivery

Having one van deliver the groceries to all the locations seems much more environmentally friendly than having multiple cars driving to the store.

Logically the carbon footprint left by the former would be much less than that of the latter, and hence fruit delivery in Singapore is much more eco-friendly.

In addition to that, having groceries delivered to you instead of going out to get them is also a successful social distancing strategy in light of the pandemic.

Shopping In Stores

Shopping in stores, in comparison, is definitely not as eco-friendly, but it can be made better by opting to walk or cycle to the store. If that’s not possible then using public transport is also a better solution than using your own car each time.

Winner: Fruit Delivery

Being a better option for the environment is another win for online grocery in Singapore, further solidifying its need, potential, and usability.


Quality And Peace Of Mind

Fruit Delivery

When having fruits delivered to your home, you cannot choose each fruit by hand or meticulously pick out the best of the bunch.

Although many stores promise quality, many people don’t completely feel at peace knowing they won’t be picking out their own fruits. This puts online groceries at a disadvantage.


Shopping In Stores

The con of fruit delivery in Singapore is that you do not get to see what fruits you are going to get. You do not get to handpick them personally. Online shopping is always a leap of faith that requires you to put a certain amount of trust in your shopper, and for some people, that means never getting the groceries just right or just how they want them. This is why some people feel more satisfied picking out their own fruits just how they like them.

Winner: Shopping In Stores

This round goes to in-store shopping because many people feel that it is much easier to guarantee the quality and have peace of mind when doing the shopping themselves.


Hence, although some aspects of online shopping could use some work and improvement, it dominates shopping in stores in most categories and will likely become a more and more common practice in the future.