Zebra appeared in the zoo of Kaluga

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A new resident has appeared in the Kaluga zoo. This time, the zoo family was replenished with zebra, according to the employees of the institution on Tuesday, August 11.

“Today a new inhabitant has appeared in the zoo’s exposition – a male of Grant’s zebra,” the staff said.

Previously, the male grew up in an enclosure with donkeys, and in Kaluga they decided to settle him together in the same place with the same animals.

The name of the zebra has not yet been given, so a traditional competition will be announced soon. Kaluga residents themselves propose their own variants of names, and then from the top three they vote for one. It is given to a new member of the zoological family.

The zoo in Kaluga was opened about three years ago, despite this, the animal family is periodically replenished. Camels, kangaroos, buffaloes, porcupines, turtles, fawns, kids, llamas, a flock of flamingos, tiny deer, cranes already live here.

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