Yemelyanov day: what absolutely cannot be done on July 31

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On July 31, the Orthodox Church commemorates the martyr Emilian Dorostolsky, who was one of the town governor’s slaves, on whose orders they wanted to burn the saint because he recognized himself as a Christian.

However, the flames did not touch Emilian, the fire spread to the pagans.

On this day, our ancestors removed the last rye from the fields and, having removed it, rested, gaining strength for other work in the village. The priests served a prayer service for the blessing of the new harvest. Also on this day, the hostesses were engaged in the preparation of all kinds of jams and pickles for the winter, dried berries.
In the evening, having worked hard, people went to the bathhouse. Interestingly, brooms for this occasion were made from rye ears. It was believed that such brooms perfectly relieve fatigue that had accumulated in the body during the harvest.

On this day, our ancestors did not grind the hut, it was believed that in this way it was possible to sweep all the good things out of the house – happiness, love, prosperity. They also tried not to overeat on Emelyan, preferring light food – vegetables, fruits, whole grain bread and cereals.
It is also impossible on this day to be angry with the fate and the people around you, take (or lend) money and use swear words in speech.

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