Yaroslavl deputy called colleagues “corrupt creatures”

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Dmitry Petrovsky, a municipal deputy, reacted sharply to the messages on social networks of his colleague in the municipality – Communist Party deputy Yevgenia Ovod.

Yevgenia Ovod made an extensive, but extremely unexpected for colleagues from the opposition post with an appeal to the Belarusians. The deputy asked them not to Maidan, but to come to terms with the power of Lukashenka. The deputy said that in her opinion and the opinion of her colleagues in the faction, this is the right choice.

In addition, she emotionally spoke about the dangers of Maidans and other protests provoked, in her opinion, by external political forces, and leading to the destruction of national integrity and the national economy.

“God bless Belarus” – concluded the fiery speech of Yevgeny Ovod, who has repeatedly publicly emphasized her atheism.

Evgeniya Ovod. Photo of the Communist Party

Dmitry Petrovsky said that in his opinion, the communists have no moral right to such statements. He recalled to his colleagues from the Communist Party that a little over a year ago they held a rally in Yaroslavl, at which they called for the resignation of the Government and the President of the Russian Federation. And now they are trying to persuade the Belarusians not to act like the Communist Party. For this behavior, Petrovsky called the members of the Yaroslavl branch of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation “Vile, lying creatures.”

This is a very risky statement, especially considering that Dmitry Petrovsky will meet in person with the communists pretty soon. After the municipal vacation.

It is convenient, sitting in Yaroslavl, to talk about Belarusian politics. It’s easy to be a “sofa expert” of Belarusian realities. Maybe Yevgenia Ovod, before calling on the Belarusians for anything, should go to Belarus only not as part of an official delegation, but as a private person. Walk in the evening through the streets of Minsk, chat with residents …

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