Yarenergo provided Tutaevskiy RES with digital radio communication

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The Rosseti Center Yaenergo branch has completed a project to introduce digital operational dispatch communications in the Tutaevsky district of electrical networks. Currently, the area covered by digital radio communication is 100%.

To replace the analog system with digital energy, three radio masts were installed – at two substations of the Tutaevsky district and the territory of the Tutaevsky distribution zone of the city of Tutaev, 12 brigade vehicles were equipped with radio stations and 11 portable radio stations were purchased, as well as two automated workplaces were installed at the control center.

The advantages of a new type of radio communication will contribute to high-quality dispatch control of operational and repair teams in the process of performing production work by them. The use of a digital protocol helps to significantly reduce extraneous noise during staff negotiations, to make the signal clear and accurate. The main functional capabilities of digital radio communication are centralized network management, registration, archiving and listening to all conversations, individual, group and emergency calls of teams by the dispatcher. An important addition is the ability to track the movements of brigades, the deployment of the main forces and assets of the branch on the ground.

“Regardless of the cellular operators and the GSM signal reception area, we provide high-quality communications during operational dispatch management of emergency recovery operations. This is especially true when the teams are in hard-to-reach areas where there is no cellular coverage “, – noted and. about. Igor Sharoshikhin, Deputy General Director – Director of the Rosseti Center Yarenergo branch.

The work was carried out as part of the digital transformation program for the power grid complex of the region

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