Best Wix Referral Platforms in 2024

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Wix is the best referral platform because it has all the features you need to build your website. You can create a professional-looking website without any coding or design skills. With Wix, you don’t have to worry about hosting either; they provide unlimited free hosting for life! 

Wix also makes it easy for anyone wanting to create a referral program for their business. There are some platforms that you can use to implement this on your website. 

OSI Affiliate Software

OSI Affiliate Software is a referral marketing tool that helps businesses get back some of their funds in customer acquisition campaigns.

The common misconception about affiliate marketing is that it generates sales when affiliates bring the company new customers.

Affiliates can be brought on board to help increase conversions with products/platforms/services through their connections and promotion of said services on their social media platforms. A win-win for both parties! 

OSI Affiliate Software strives to give companies another advantage over competitors by having an online affiliation system at their fingertips. Any business can post products or services they would like affiliates to promote on different websites. 


Ambassify is the best referral marketing tool in North America. Unlike most other referral marketing sites, Ambassify works explicitly with brands to find ambassadors that are not only interested in their Drum Set Lab products but engage with the community of customers they want to market to.

Ambassadors can’t simply sign up and plant banners on their social media accounts- they must share specific content formats like video or pop quiz polls at least two times each week for three months (giving clients an excellent content boost!). And meanwhile, they get rewarded for helping share this great content with their communities, investing time into boosting customer retention rates, and building brand awareness through original posts.


ShareSomeFriends is a referral marketing tool that helps businesses find their best customers. It’s a simple, easy way to create and utilize your referral program in less than five minutes. The customer has to swipe through the available options on his screen and select which one he wants his business to promote.

ShareSomeFriends allows you to offer high-quality customer referrals from happy customers when they have positive experiences with your Hunting Bow Lab product or service. You can also gain insights into views by publishing posts alongside reviews and inviting people who post reviews for a reward of free products.


RewardReach is a referral marketing software that outsources the administrative work of running rewards programs to RewardReach. When members refer others, they earn cash rewards and other great prizes (e.g., iPads, gift cards). They can spend their tips on things like travel discounts, free accessories, movie tickets, etc.

It’s best for companies with more than 3-5 employees looking to expand their customer base – through thank you offerings or even customized products. Individuals place an order online then enter contact info into the RewardReach app using fingerprint ID or scanning barcode to keep your address separate from your recipients’. 

Post Affiliate Pro

Post Affiliate Pro is an advanced referral marketing tool that will help you gather email marketing leads and empower your audience with the most comprehensive marketing tools.

Post Affiliate Pro works hand in hand with any pre-existing advertising campaign, be it Google Adwords, Bing Adcenter, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising network – which gives you access to an unlimited supply of targeted visitors to your website. With Post Affiliate Pro’s robust suite of tools, not only can you get past visitors on board but convert them into loyal customers who are time and again pleased with their online shopping experience for the best uplift in ROI.

Tap Affiliate

An online service that offers a platform of tools to help you promote your content. Their services include an article plugin, a private dashboard where you can track sales and commissions, a highly customizable recommendations engine, and more.

Tap Affiliate was founded in the summer of 2011 with its headquarters in Louisville, KY. They currently have 7000+ customers from 87 countries worldwide. Anyone who has been in business for some time will know how difficult it is to acquire new customers or get new traffic on their website. Still, Tap Affiliate offers people struggling with these problems a solution and hope for the future success of their online endeavor by providing them with what they need to succeed while still doing what they love–blogging about whatever interests them!

Brand Ambassador APP

Brand Ambassador is a referral marketing tool that provides real-time analytics and insights, allowing businesses to see how many referrals they’ve sent out through their ambassador program, how often ambassadors send these invitations, whether or not visitors take them up on the offer to share information with a friend, and which social networks are most successful. These referrals also track the entire customer journey from appointment/awareness to purchase/retention. Its powerful analytics means that businesses can measure individual engagement rates for specific activities and their conversion rate from signup to activation. In this way, it builds brand awareness, strengthens relationships with customers and influencers, and increases sales opportunities all at once by driving people back to your website.


A referral marketing tool is a service that assists in making and maintaining relationships between businesses and individuals. This type of marketing is called “Associative Marketing.”

For decades, companies have used this form of advertising to provide customers with incentive benefits, such as travel agencies that market vacation packages. The idea behind this form of advertising is that consumers will appreciate the opportunity to refer friends or associates because they will be appreciated for their time and efforts. As such, many online referral tools exist today, which offer similar incentives, typically including coupons or discount codes when referring others to sign up for services.

Affiliate Integrateby Huckleberry, Inc

Affiliate Integrate is the easiest-to-use affiliate marketing tool, with features like automatic stats dashboard, one-click integrations to WordPress and WooCommerce, mobile responsive frontend templates designed for conversion, affiliate contests on the fly.

An Affiliate Integrate user gets access to high-quality libraries of popular themes like these three plus 100+ more premium design templates that are easy to customize with WordPress plugins.

Affiliate Integrate’s intuitive Dashboard & mobile-friendliness make it possible for anyone who can write an email or web copy (maybe you?) to build a customized marketing platform without coding knowledge at all. You can create contest pages in minutes while automatically adding them to your content calendar pulled from Automatic RSS feeds.

Beauty Clout

Beauty Clout is an innovative referral platform that relies on social media to generate new customers.

Over 900 million people use Facebook every day, and 100% of Americans are represented in these numbers. With so many potential prospects, it’s clear why social media is the only way to connect with consumers effectively. Beauty Clout allows you to customize your page to offer services for free or purchase them at a reduced price when someone follows the link on their page back to your website. The result? More sales and loyal customers in just seconds!

We’ve provided you with a list of some of the best referral platforms on Wix. Now it’s your turn! Which platform do you think deserves to be called the “best?” Comment below and let us know what makes this platform great for both customers and business owners alike.