Best Job Titles for Entry Level Digital Marketers

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The word marketing states something related to buying and selling of goods or services. Now, this is the internet world, which is always being used for anything or everything. Now any level of marketing when it needs electronic devices and methods of promoting its products and services is said to be digital marketing. In other words, digital marketing can be defined as the promotion of any brand, product, or service and to connect to stable users by using the internet and many other digital methods of communication. Digitally marketing uses email, multimedia messages, text messages, social media, and web-based advertisements as its marketing mediums.

Everyone uses the internet for one or many reasons in their daily life. When you plan to boost your future with some very tempting job, you may choose digital marketing as a career option. It is one of the most demanding jobs in the age of digitalization.

For starting your career in this field, you may enroll in a digital marketing basic course and prepare for some of the entry-level jobs in digital marketing.

Job Roles of Digital Marketing 

There are many job roles offered in the field of digital marketing. Each of the roles has its own significance, due to which they have their own popularity. Some of the entry-level roles are mentioned and discussed as below:

Digital Marketing Specialists 

A digital marketer is a person who is also known as a digital marketing generalist and typically named as “Digital Marketing Specialists”. This entry-level job role is found during the startup of the same corporational work, or any corporation started to form a fresher marketing team. After a long time in this field, when you are expertise in this field, you may get an increment in your position known as “Digital Marketing Manager”.  A growth manager is a comparable job title for digital marketing specialists; moreover, it helps and focuses on optimization and technological hacks for the development of the business.

Social Media Coordinators 

The other name for the social media coordinators is social media managers or professionals. These people are responsible for collaborating with various team members such as ads managers, infrastructure designers, and content writers to enhance the outlook and distribute and promote a company’s products and services that attract various users and help gain trust over their goods. The basic work of a social media manager is to form a plan for checking, generating, and engaging social media following, which will look after many platforms simultaneously. At the same time, the community manager keeps a record of the existing customers’ satisfaction other than making new customers. The other comparable job title is “community managers” who oversee the group or a company’s Facebook page or any particular user forum.

Content Strategist 

There is a slight difference between Content Marketers, Content Strategists, and Content Marketing Specialists. They all work upon the matter or content which has to be delivered to their users and customers. Content strategist works on big data information. They are responsible for inbound new users by unbolting creativity to their content. Content marketers must have fluency in reading,  writing, editing,  copywriting and should be familiar with SEO. The other names for this job title are “Content Creator” or “Material Producers.”

A content strategist is all over in charge of content delivery.

The Paid Ad Manager is one of the very important job roles. It is also popularly known as Search Engine Marketing(SEM) or Paid Marketing Manager. Paid Ad Manager is responsible for the management of various types of campaigns. They work with designers and look after varieties of language and pictures used to monitor ad effectiveness, advertising, and promoting. The banner advertising display is also termed as Retargeting. They are making modifications to this content for the betterment of the organization’s marketing.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 

The word optimization is used here to define the responsibility of this job role. Your website’s optimization means the users can discover you whenever they search for your company name or the phrases, including some of your features. The SEO must be familiar with the metrics and monitoring tools and Google Analytics. They must be known for keyword research. They report to the SEO Expert for the approvals.

Manager for Partnerships

They are responsible for working on a range of projects, presentation of the products at conferences, meeting with industry leaders. Some of the collaboration marketers are affiliated manager who works with affiliates to earn some commission from sharing the company’s goods and products. Affiliates marketers are responsible for bringing new affiliates and to increase company sales. At the same time, influencer marketers work with social media influencers to promote their company’s services and brand goods. The partnership managers work with some online and offline forums to enhance their users’ reach by some blog posts and in-hand advertisements.

Graphic Designer 

Anything online has continuous graphics needs, whether it be for web, ads, infographics, graphs,  charts,  or any illustrations, and they are related to the graphic designers. Big companies and agencies prefer to have their own graphic design team. They are responsible for making visual designs for various digital marketing campaigns. It is very easy to use photoshop, but by having exact talent and creativity for designing some unique web design, you can gear start your career as a graphic designer.


Various digital marketing roles have their own significance. Starting with an entry-level position and advancing in their fields boosts your career. But traditional marketing methods have changed to an extent by not implementing this solution to make a comprehensive system that creates,  manipulates,  nurtures, converts leads results in a less effective outcome,  but by improvising this, you may increase effectiveness to a greater extent. By changing some of the methods and properly implementing the right digital marketing processes, you can bring great growth to the company. Working with digital marketing industries is a great startup career choice. There are many entry-level positions that are broadly in demand and rising exponentially in contemporary times.