9 Winter Jewelry Trends in 2022

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Jewelry, like art, is a highly personal choice. Not everyone agrees on what is beautiful, stylish, or appropriate, but that is the beauty of having your sense of style and taste.

Whether you want to follow the latest jewelry trends or not, one thing is sure: trends tend to impact the type of jewelry that most people find appealing at any given time.

As a result, we believe it’s important to watch them while still focusing on your distinct individuality and sense of style. We’re not supporters of being fashion enslaved people, but gaining fresh ideas and inspiration for your clothing and jewelry collection is always a good idea.

So, with that in mind, what can we expect from wholesale silver gemstone jewelry manufacturers this winter? We’ve noticed:


Take this as proof that beaded jewelry has come full circle since the 1990s and is back in style (not that we ever stopped loving it!). Who doesn’t appreciate a fashion full-circle moment?

If you want to follow a current trend but add a bit more refinement and your style, beaded jewelry will be your best friend. Whether subtle or vivid, Beads are a terrific way to add color to any jewelry collection.


In 1970s jewelry trends, big, bold, and stunning pendant necklaces were all the rage for men and women. They’ve always been our favorite, and we’re glad to see that they’re back. This isn’t the first time!

Larger pendants are ideal in the winter since they contrast wonderfully with warmer apparel. Long chokers can be worn over your clothes, or shorter chokers with pendants can be worn with higher-necked garments.


Do pearls ever go out of style? No, is the quick response. Pearls will always be a classic addition to your jewelry collection, but they’re having a moment if you’re dubious about them now.

Pearl jewels are hugely popular, with a mix of fashionable and classic styles and numerous modern takes on classic pearl jewelry. Expect to see pearl earrings, statement rings, pearl-bedazzled necklaces, and charms, among other things.


Another huge trend we can anticipate seeing in 2022 is combining natural elements into jewelry designs, such as pearls.

This includes a rise in gemstone jewelry, seaside-inspired shell jewelry, and beautifully woven items fashioned from raw, natural fibers.


This is yet another trend from the 1990s that has resurfaced in popularity. Charm jewelry is all the rage this winter, and charms are expected to appear on bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. Huggie-style earrings, in particular, are embellished with tiny charms.

Popular choices include zodiac signs, shells, pearls, lockets, gemstone pendants, and charms.


You’ll adore this trend if you’re not a fan of wearing too many jewelry elements. The statement earring is back in the style of a fringe, chain, or long and dangly numbers.

Big, bold, and distinctive statement earrings are commonly worn without a necklace, which means they’ll look great with higher necklines and scarves in the winter. Bold earrings also bring attention to your face, making them ideal for when you want someone to notice you.

These earrings are a fantastic way to add a touch of glitz to any ensemble without having to overthink your jewelry selections. However, if you want to add some extra sparkle, feel free to add some stacking rings or cocktail rings. Also, nose rings and studs are very common nowadays. You might want to try them. If you want to know more about these two, you can read nose ring vs stud articles. This can help you discover more information about them.


Another early 2000s trend to make a comeback is necklace layering, especially with longer necklaces. This year’s necklaces are much thinner than their predecessors, making them more delicate. Long charm pieces or lariat necklaces in silver or mixed metals are popular necklace types.

If you enjoy layering jewelry, these delicate pieces can easily be matched with other pieces such as drop earrings, bracelets, or stacked rings.


Over the last few years, statement rings and ring stacking have proven timeless trends. While ring stacking is still a hot trend, the statement thumb ring is one to watch this year.

Bejeweled thumb rings with chain and pearl embellishments are expected to appear, adding an edgier edge.


Precious metals are coveted for their quality, color, and ability to produce long-lasting jewelry.

This year will be no exception, but you should feel more at ease mixing metals rather than sticking to one. This trend has been brewing for some time, and we’re big lovers of it.

Many people have debated whether to wear gold or silver jewelry. In today’s world, the solution is tacos: why not have both? Adding color variation and intrigue to your outfit by mixing metals is a terrific method.


It’s always a personal choice, no matter which winter jewelry trends strike your eye. Finally, it comes down to what’s wearable, what fits your wardrobe, and what you like.

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