Gift Ideas For Women You Care About

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Even with the opening of borders, there’s no guarantee that everyone will be home for Christmas in 2022. If you cannot attend, small businesses can assist you in sending the love you would prefer to give in person.

Your gifts can also be wrapped and personalized. It’s not the same as giving in person, and our hearts go out to everyone who misses their friends and loved ones.

If you’re unsure what to send for whom, we’ve compiled a shortlist of women you care about and the pieces that would complement them, all of which will be sent with an extra special dose of love.


Sterling silver and gold moon and back locket necklace.

We adore our Nana, and they are frequently our favorite relatives (sorry, grandad). Nans will spoil you, usually when Mum and Dad aren’t looking.

Remind your Nan of your love for the Moon and Back Locket by showing her how much you’ve missed her.


Sterling silver necklace with a cluster of stars and sapphires.

If you were separated from your mother during the pandemic and missed the parent-child connection, this stars and sapphires necklace is perfect for you. It has a big and small star to represent you and your mother.

Stars represent protection, and this necklace reflects that by hanging in a family-like cluster. The sapphires in the family cluster range in color from pale to dark blue, just like the skies that separate you and your mother.

Sapphires are the September birthstone and represent wisdom, making them doubly appropriate for wise September mothers.


Silver Star Jewel created a chrysanthemum and leaf cluster pendant with tourmaline gemstones.

Most of us have been fortunate enough to witness the best in people in 2022, from friends staying in touch to offering support to neighbors pitching in. There are also those friends and family members who have sent delectable care packages.

If you’re short on cash, a pair of our popular gold endless hoop earrings are a great way to show your appreciation.

If your finances are stable, you might want to consider the chrysanthemum, leaf, and tourmaline necklace. The chrysanthemum symbolizes loyalty and respect in some cultures, reminding the receiver that they have made a difference in someone’s life.


Silver Star Jewel, a wholesale silver jewelry exporter, has created this guiding star pendant in sterling silver, gold, and white sapphire.

With many people staying close to home this Christmas and international travel is restricted, there may be a void that our overseas friends would normally fill, especially since Christmas is one of the most popular times for people to return home.

The guiding star pendant symbolizes protection and good luck, whether for your best friend who’s traveled far to pursue her dream career or a free-spirited sister who volunteers in underserved areas. After 2021, we could all use some of that.

The gleaming white sapphire is set in solid gold and catches light flashes to guide you home.


Citrine gemstones are set in gold drop earrings.

Since the outbreak, our doctors and nurses have been kept on their toes and have likely been tested more times than we can imagine.

Gold drop earrings with citrines, which are said to boost energy, will show them you appreciate their efforts.

Stacking sapphire and aquamarine rings are other options. Both products are professional-looking, and they serve as a reminder that our friends are loved and appreciated no matter how many inner nasal swabs they have to endure. While aquamarine is said to promote relaxation, we can’t promise it will make nose swabs more enjoyable, but it can’t hurt.


Still, looking for the perfect match? Check out any shopping guide online, including a complete gift guide, other gifting suggestions, advice on selecting the best gifts for women, shipping information, etc.

We wish you a very happy 2022, with lots of time spent with loved ones in person, no matter what piece you choose to celebrate with your people. If not, take as much Zoom time as you can.