Will plus character: the boxing championship of the Northwestern Federal District was held in Petrozavodsk

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The boxing championship of the North-Western Federal District ended in Petrozavodsk last Saturday. It was attended by 73 athletes from 10 regions of the Northwestern Federal District, 8 of them – the fair sex.

Despite the coronavirus pandemic, the championship, which the Karelian boxers were eagerly awaiting, did not have to be postponed, but the important sporting event was preceded by lengthy approvals with the supervisory authorities. Yes, and preparation for competitions of such a serious level took several months in the “field” conditions.

Maxim Makarov, the winner in the weight category up to 57 kg, spoke about the preparation preceding the championship: “During self-isolation, we tried to keep fit at home, prepared according to special training programs. Then there was an opportunity to practice on the street: we worked on the technique, ran crosses … Finally, we were able to fully prepare for the championship training in the gym resumed. The championship was preceded by the Russian team cup. So we were completely ready for these competitions, we approached them in good physical shape. For which I would like to say special thanks to the coaches and the Karelian Boxing Federation ”.

However, this is not the last “mite” of the coronavirus in the championship. To avoid the risk of spreading the disease, the competitions were held behind closed doors: their comrades, as well as those closest to them, could cheer for the athletes. At the entrance of all participants, judges, coaches and guests of the championship, the temperature was measured and the presence of protective masks was checked.

Among the guests of honor in the final of the championship was the first boxing champion of the RSFSR in Karelia Stanislav Pavlovich Proshutinsky. Despite his vision problems, Stanislav Pavlovich carefully listened to what was happening in the ring, and for each of the athletes who were lucky enough to receive medals from his hands, he found the very sincere and important words that inspired boxers not to stop there.

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In the final fights, the honor of Karelia was defended by Maxim Makarov, Alexander Opolsky and Viktor Pirogov.

Despite the pandemic: the boxing championship of the Northwestern Federal District gathered more than 70 athletes

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The result of the championship of the Northwestern Federal District 2020 for the Republic of Karelia was the first team place. The championship winners will compete at the Russian Championship to be held in Orenburg.

More information about the results can be found in the public page of the Boxing Federation of Kazakhstan.

Sport of the Brave: Karelian Boxers Successfully Perform at the Championship of the Northwestern Federal District

  Sport of the Brave: Karelian Boxers Successfully Perform at the Championship of the Northwestern Federal District

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