Wilfand spoke about the weather in the early days of 2024

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The weather in the first days of 2024 in European Russia will be changeable due to the opposition of the cyclone and anticyclone. On Wednesday, December 30, the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center of the Russian Federation Roman Vilfand told about this.

According to him, in Moscow, the thermometer will stay near zero, and in the first days of January will drop by 1–2 degrees.

“As early as January 3, daytime temperatures will drop below zero. In addition, the pressure will gradually build up. If on the last and first day of the year, the pressure is about normal, then already on January 3, it begins to grow … We do not expect a sharp cold snap until January 4 inclusive, but a gradual cooling of about 1 degree will be observed, “the forecaster said in an interview with RIA Novosti.

Wilfand added that a similar situation was observed last year.

In the west of European Russia, above zero temperatures are expected during the New Year, as in the next few days. Frosts will come to the Nizhny Novgorod region, where night temperatures will be from –3 to –9 degrees.

“Nothing special will happen in St. Petersburg: around zero until Monday, inclusive,” added Wilfand.

Residents of Crimea and the Black Sea coast are waiting for a warm New Year – the air will warm up to +5 degrees, the specialist noted.

Earlier in December, Vilfand reported record frosts in Western Siberia. For the first time in the past 100 years, the thermometer showed -49 degrees. The lowest temperatures were in the Tomsk region, in Novosibirsk – -37 …- 41 degrees.

Temperature records were broken in Kemerovo and Barnaul, where the indicator exceeded -40 degrees.

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