Why Smart TVs are Becoming More and More Affordable Day by Day?

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Once thought of as a luxury, owning a smart TV has become as common as owning a smartphone. Brands play on this and aim to sell more every day. It’s important to understand what a smart TV offers you as a viewer. Most smart LED TVs, besides their unbeatable picture quality and host of features like great Dolby sound and a host of apps, give you unbelievable internet connectivity potential and built-in streaming options.

An LED TV is as good as having an entertainment computer with a huge screen. They just get better and better day by day, with manufacturers adding new features to entice buyers. Somehow, with all the added features, you can buy the best smart TV in the market at a low cost. How do brands keep costs low and still make profits?

Satisfied Customers

When a person goes to buy an LED TV these days, what they see are these massive screens, and paper-thin frames which are usually bezel-less. Some screens are flat and some are curved – they almost look as good as the screens in actual cinemas – and that is exactly what brands want to do, create a cinematic experience for the viewer, even in the budget segment. With a smart LED TV, you won’t have to visit the theatre again!

You can buy this huge bundle of technology for as low a price as under 15,000 INR. Some of the best LED TVs under 15,000 INR come with features and apps that will become a part of an entertainment system that you will be addicted to. Some of the top brands carrying models with great features and displays are Samsung and LG.

Many brands that were considered luxury brands like Sony and Panasonic are also joining the bandwagon, as they are compelled to compete and keep prices affordable. The options for the buyer today are many, and companies have to find ways to draw buyers to their brands.

Sales Strategies

When TV companies keep manufacturing costs low, lower prices can be offered to the buyer. Another thing to consider is that vendors who sell TVs to the end-customer buy TVs in bulk and this comes at a low cost to them. They can then offer buyers discounts and have regular sales and promotions that make TVs affordable to the buyers.

Moving Up

More and more people in India are getting exposure to good education, which helps them in getting employed in the future. As people improve their quality of life, they tend to aspire for greater things, like gadgets and gizmos. With finance companies offering low-cost EMI plans and effective and easy ways to make buying decisions simple, more people are opting for appliances that they wouldn’t have been able to afford at one time.

Smart TVs are one of the first things on anyone’s list of must-haves in their home. With large families, and an average of three children per household, it’s a necessity. These TVs keep children (and parents) entertained for hours, and the best smart TV offer even more than passive watching.

They help kids to learn and research things on the internet as well, while some even offer gaming facilities. With all these benefits in mind, brands want to cash-in and take advantage by providing affordable smart TVs.

Great Value

While it’s fine and dandy to think positively of India growing and developing, and more people affording things they couldn’t have dreamed of in the past, there is no denying that even the best smart TVs are affordable now more than ever. The best LED TVs under 15,000 INR are made by the top brands like Samsung, TCL, LG and Xiaomi.

You can now get an impressive smart TV with a 32-inch screen, which is the optimal screen size for an average room in an Indian household. These TVs come with cutting-edge technology, with HD displays and High Dynamic Range capability. Think of how long an average TV may last, with the average being around 6 years. When you are live-streaming, think of how many ads come at you while you’re watching.

These networks have deals with brands like LG, Samsung, Vizio and TLC (and more) to share revenues from advertisements. At the end of the day, the customer gets a really smart TV with technology that has the promise of last ability.

As long as brands are happy selling more and more TVs and buyers get what they want, the smart TV industry is only set to get better and better in a country like India. Similarly, the smart TV sales have risen exponentially around the world over the past couple of years, and the smart TV penetration is only going to increase going forward.

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