Why Learning Arabic for Quran is Important?

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Allah chose Arabic as a language to communicate with his people/Muslims and the Quran is also written in Arabic. Arabic is a very diverse language and yes, there are translations of the Holy Quran available in almost every Language but for a Muslim, it is important to learn Arabic so that he should be able to understand the message of Allah in his exact words.

There are some things that you should know about the linkage between Arabic and the Quran, you may also like to learn about the Arabic language.

Arabic History

Allah chose Arabic as the Language of the Last Holy Book of Islam and it has 28 letters. The reason behind choosing Arabic was that the natives spoke Arabic. It would be easy for the natives to understand Allah’s message in the language they spoke with complete proficiency.

In ancient times, Muslims were called “Arabs” and Arabic was their mother language.

It can be said that this was the language of our forefathers.

Are Translations Difficult?

Some people do have a question that, is it difficult to understand Quran from a translation? And the answer to that is, no it is not difficult. But doing so, it is possible that you might not be able to understand the exact meaning of the verse. Every translated version of the Quran is different because every translator writes according to their ability and that is why learning Arabic would make a difference and would make it easy for you to understand the Quran.

Soul of Quran

It is said that “Arabic is the soul of the Quran”. This language is also mentioned in Quran and the reason is understanding purpose.

In order to understand Quran, we must learn the Arabic language.

Reduces Errors

Learning the language in which the Quran was bestowed upon our holy prophet (S.A.W) is the best option as it would reduce the error of mistakes that might happen while translating. Even a misplacement of a single alphabet can change the whole meaning of the text. So, it is best if we learn the language of the Quran, which is Arabic.

Islamic Legacy

Islamic legacy is enriched with Arabic which is about 14 Centuries. By learning Arabic will not only help us to understand Quran only but we would also get to know our legacy as well because there are many history scripts written in Arabic only and by reading them, we would get to know what sacrifices were made in order to preach Islam and to spread it.

We need to know more about our religion’s legacy and it would very much help to regain our spirit. That is why it is important to learn Arabic.

Quran States 

Quran states;

“Verily, we sent it down as an Arabic Qur’an in order that you may understand.”

This means Quran itself states that Quran was sent in this language so that the native could understand the message and orders and everything in it. 


If you really want to spend a meaningful life, a life that would be according to the Islamic way of living life then you need to learn Arabic as it would help you to understand Quran completely there would be no limitations and you will also get a feeling that you are communication with Allah. Allah sent Quran for us so that we could spend a guided life and that is only possible if we learn Arabic.

All the important things that make learning Arabic important in order to understand the Quran have been mentioned above. Know you know all about the importance of Arabic and its value in Islam as well.

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