Discussing The Pros And Cons Of Uninsured Motorist Coverage

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Nobody likes to talk about what would happen if they get into an accident; however, the roads are unsafe, and planning things ahead is wise. The law requires every motorist to carry insurance. Still, various drivers continue to drive uninsured, putting their health and finances at risk. 

There are various hazards on the road, some of which cannot be avoided no matter how careful you are. While paying for insurance every month can seem irritating, it is important to learn about the pros and cons of insurance before making a decision. If you are involved in an accident with an uninsured motorist, a Philadelphia, PA personal injury attorneys can help you explore your options. 

What is Uninsured Motorist Coverage?

Uninsured Motorist Coverage functions like any other automobile insurance. It covers your damages when you get injured due to another person’s negligence who does not have insurance. UIM or Underinsured Motorist coverage covers your expenses in the case of an accident when the other driver is unable to pay for all your damages. 

Pros of Uninsured Motorist 

  1. You do not have to depend on the other driver. 

UM coverage protects you when you get injured due to another driver’s negligence. Many people rely entirely on the other party’s insurance to cover their damages in such situations. However, this is not wise as many drivers do not carry insurance. Therefore, if you have UM coverage, you would not have to depend on the other driver for your expenses. You will always have your UM coverage to back you up. 

  1. Stacking Uninsured Motorist Coverage.

With Uninsurance Motorist coverage, you can take advantage of what is known as “stacking.” With stacked coverage, you can combine the coverage limits for more than one vehicle. This means the coverage will protect you while riding any vehicle, be it a car, motorcycle, or bicycle. 

Cons of Uninsured Motorist Coverage 

Perhaps the only con associated with UM coverage is the additional monthly high premiums. You should get it if you can afford it as it can provide peace of mind that you are protected in any type of accident.

Do you need UM coverage?

The law does not require you to carry UM or UIM coverage. It is simply to ensure that the driver stays protected in any case of emergency. Healthcare after a car accident can easily cost several thousand dollars, and vehicle repairs are not cheap either. Therefore, while you are not legally required to carry insurance, you should still be one step ahead. 

Accidents are going to happen. You can control your vehicle but not the others on the road. Therefore, it is advisable to take advantage of what you can control and make the best of it satta