WHO: progress is being made on coronavirus vaccine

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The head of the World Health Organization, Tedros Gebreisus, said after a meeting of the WHO Emergency Committee that progress has been made in the development of a vaccine against coronavirus.

According to him, several vaccines developed in different countries of the world are now undergoing the third stage of clinical trials. If their effectiveness is confirmed, it is hoped that infection will be prevented. As for the effective drug, which Gebreisus called the “silver bullet”, it does not exist and, in the opinion of the WHO Director General, cannot exist.

Gebreisus assessed the cessation of new outbreaks of the disease as a result of public health efforts and recalled: specialist studies have shown that the susceptibility to coronavirus of a large part of the population remains high, even in those countries where herd immunity was supposed to form due to serious outbreaks of infection. …

The head of WHO urged the authorities not to rush to lift quarantine restrictions. He recalled the need to conduct tests, isolation and treatment of those who became a victim of the infection, as well as to identify the contacts of the sick. And everyone else must observe safety measures – mask regime, hand hygiene and learn to cough safely away from others, reports korrespondent.net.

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