Who Can File Khula in Pakistan and Child Maintenance Application

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Who Can File Khula in Pakistan and Child Maintenance:


The answer to who can file khula in Pakistan and maintenance of children is that wife can file khula, and anyone can file maintenance. Maurice Bucaille, a French doctor, shares the general ignorance of Islam in the West regarding who can file khula in Pakistan and the maintenance of children. Other Europeans such as Dante, St. Thomas Aquinas, l and Thomas Carlyle all attempted to disparage Islam’s religion in their times.


Western writers:

While not all Western writers have the same degree of bias or hostility towards Islam. Some of them may even be favorably inclined, their works are plagued by seemingly unintentional errors, however minor, due to their lack of knowledge of Islam. In all fairness, it should also be said that even some contemporary books on Islam by Muslim authors also suffer from the same shortcomings due to either lack of knowledge of Islam on their part or their dependence on non-Muslim sources. Even in contemporary times, apart from the West’s publicists, most distortions of Islam are by the Western media, be they newspapers, magazines, or the television regarding who can file khula in Pakistan and maintenance of children.


Maintenance of Children:

Keeping in view that many people obtain information regarding who can file khula in Pakistan and maintenance of children through the mass media, its impact on the West’s view of Islam has been widespread and far more than academic publications. Since the former Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) and the end of the Cold War, the Islamic world has been seen as the West’s new enemy. Islam is presented as a religion that has been spread by the sword and is characterized by continuous ‘jihad’ or holy war. Muslims have been portrayed as barbarians, backward, frenzied and fanatic, volatile, and violent. Muslim-bashing has assumed alarming proportions in several Western countries. In one of his statements, Minister Silvio Berlusconi has said that Western civilization was far superior to the Islamic culture regarding who can file khula in Pakistan and maintenance of children.


Islam and Muslims:

In attacking Islam and Muslims, they do so in a subtle manner by pretending to sympathize with the people they allege have been deprived of their human rights by the rulers under the Islamic system, particularly women, whom they portray as “poor and oppressed”? This outpouring of sympathy towards Muslims in general and Muslim women in particular, prima facie seems contradictory. It is, therefore, essential that the record be rectified and human rights, as guaranteed by Islam, presented in their actual perspective.


human rights:

The universality of human rights regarding who can file khula in Pakistan and the maintenance of children has been reaffirmed in many regional instruments. These include the American Convention on Human Rights (1969); the African Charter on Human and Peoples Rights (1981). However, the Islamic countries did not lag. In 1982, the OIC adopted the Cairo Declaration on Human Rights in Islam on the advent of 14th Century Hijri. Subsequently, the Arab Charter on Human Rights (1994) was adopted by the Arab League. These two declarations are essential from our perspective as they reaffirm Islamic precepts ordained by God and, therefore, binding on the Muslim Ummah.